Film Production and Fixer in India

Film Production and Fixer in India:

Filming Indo is Film fixer and Local Coordinator based in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh and New Delhi, India. Our highly experience professionals are fluent in English and some speak additional languages: French, Spanish, Italian, German and Korean.

We provide productions with full package of services- from initial research to location scout, coordination, filming and post production. In Many cases, the director or producer is the only one travelling to Varanasi, while we are responsible for the professional crew and production staff. The experience of more than 5 years of producing and providing production services in Varanasi and other states proves that this area never ceases to attract documentary filmmakers, feature film, TV drama and print shoots.

The following Services are available. See relevant pages for more details about our production services.

Location Scouting and Permission

India is a very famous destination for those who are seeking to make documentaries, films, TV Series and advertisement on culture and heritage…

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Equipment Rental (Camera, Lights, Sound, Drone, Dolly & Jib)

Filming Indo is a one stop shop for shooting equipment rentals right from DSLRS to HD camera to Audio equipment to Light to Rigs…

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Pre Wedding and Wedding Cinematography

Filming Indo is the most innovative Wedding Photography Company in Varanasi and New Delhi. We have a large team of wedding professionals ranging from Photographers to cinematographers…

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Costume Designing

Costume design is a complex and time-consuming process. Our Costume designers have worked for film and television on period and contemporary productions…

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Casting and Talent (Artist, Technical Crews)

Varanasi Films is also has a team of graphic designers. We provide newfangled and creative design solutions. It is our goal to bring you success. As a film and design company…

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Most Producers will know that food is the key to a productive and happy cast and crew. You want to stay on budget? Feed them well and they well reward…

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