long-snouted Gharial in Chambal river in Madhya Pradesh India
By admin / August 8, 2020

The extinct long-snouted Gharial continues to make an impressive comeback near Chambal River

The long-snouted Gharials which are commonly found in the northern Indian subcontinent were edge of making it to the extinct...

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Surat - The Gems and Jewellery Hub of India special economic zone sez 1
By admin / August 5, 2020

Surat: The Gems and Jewellery Hub of India

Surat is the biggest diamond production center in the country. The Surat Special Economic Zone (SEZ) has over 100 listed...

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jaipur handicraft hub india
By admin / August 2, 2020

Jaipur the Hub of Handicraft products in India

Jaipur is very familiar with the term handicraft, even we can say synonym of the handicraft. The large selection of...

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Kannur - The Handloom city of Kerala products 5
By admin / July 30, 2020

Kannur: The Handloom city of Kerala in India

Kannur, popularly referred to as 'Handloom City of Kerala,' is the state's largest handloom producing district. It enjoys global reputation...

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sunderban mangrove forest cyclone farmer development n
By admin / July 29, 2020

Role of Sunderban’s Mangrove Forests as Natural Caretakers of Nature and their Restoration

With more than 80 different species of mangrove trees, the flora grows in regions where there is less oxygen in...

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Firozabad, the City of Glass 3
By admin / July 26, 2020

Firozabad: The Glass city of India

India is notable for the production of indigenous glass, with the bulk of this glass production taking place in Firozabad,...

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video production companies in india
By admin / July 26, 2020

How to find the best Video Production Company in India

Video can be an important and efficient marketing tool for companies of any scale. Visual communication is extremely important today,...

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Gulabi Gang looks like - a gang of women in India who track down & beat abusive husbands with brooms 3
By admin / July 19, 2020

Rebel in PINK: Gulabi gang, India’s women warriors

An all women vigilante squad steals the prevalent attention by wielding sticks and catching villains.   Meet the 'Pink-Saree Crusaders'...

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India’s Human Library 3
By admin / July 18, 2020

Human Library in India: Setting a new trend of storytelling

What if you could borrow a Human instead of a book to answer all of your questions? Yes, it is...

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