Aerial 360 Degree Photography

Aerial 360 Degree Photography Services by Drone in India

aerial 360 degree photography - Filming Indo

Virtual Reality (VR) tours are the latest trend for marketing businesses and destinations. Using the latest VR imaging technology through both aerial (drone) and ground-based camera systems, we capture high resolution 360 photos and video to create truly bespoke virtual tour experiences.

Using drone technology and remote imaging, we at Filming Indo select the best position for each shot based on based on time of day and position of the sun. We then take up to 100 aerial photos from that location and post-processes these using specialist software to create ‘equi-rectangular’ 360° images.

These aerial 360° photos and video allow the viewer to see a large area at a glance, whether it is an event, hotel, holiday park, golf club or outdoor activity centre. These images can be published in a variety of formats, from a fully customisable interactive tour within a website, or as interactive images within social media.

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