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Aerial Seeding Services in India

Aerial seeding Services in India - Filming Indo

Farming methods have continuously been modernized and updated to simplify the work and increase efficiency. The introduction of drone technology has had a positive impact on several industries, but none are as apparent as the agriculture sector. Seeding drones, in particular, have enabled farmers to sow their seeds quickly and uniformly.

Planting seeds is a critical factor in producing the perfect harvest. The seed interacts with the environment and grows according to those elements. For this reason, it’s imperative to consider using a crop seeding drone to distribute seeds across the field.

​Filming Indo is one of the leaders in advanced agricultural technology and stock the granule spreading system that attaches to our seeding drone.

With the advance in drone technology, our office had integrated the newest module onto our drone to provide efficient and cost-effective aerial seeding service. Aerial Seeding is Safe, Eco-friendly, and without soil compaction.

Drone Seeding is an extremely cost-effective solution for aerial seeding, the manoeuvrability of the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) allows our pilot to service isolated or difficult access areas and sites which require rehabilitation and/or stabilisation.

Equipped with Agricultural drones, the Drone Granule Spreading System can be used to spread solid particles such as Seeds, Granular Fertilisers, Pesticides. It is suitable for various operation scenarios such as Rice Field Seeding, Re-vegetation, Snow-Melting, fertilizer spreading, and more.

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