Agricultural Spraying by Drone

Agricultural Spraying Services by Drone in India

Agriculture Spraying Services in India - Filming Indo

Generally drone technology in agriculture is more time-efficient and provides lower fuel charge per acre than a tractor, due to upsurge coverage pace. Given maximized precision and flexibility for unmanned aerial vehicle procedures, agriculture drone offers a better value proposition than conventional treatment management even in fields where aerial spray services are not commonly utilised to date.

Drones are being used to spray pesticides on paddy, groundnut, red gram, cotton and soya bean crops at the Regional Agricultural Research Stations (RARS) in Warangal, Jagtial, Palem, Tandur and Rajendranagar. The crops make up almost 90 per cent of the area under cultivation in Telangana.

A new way to Spray and Spread. 

We have over 3 years experience with drone spraying systems, being one of the leading companies in the India to start operating them.

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