Asia’s largest Chilli Market in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India

Asia’s largest Chilli Market in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India

Asia’s largest Chilli Market in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India (Medium)

Situated at a distance of approximately 64 km from the Bay of Bengal, Guntur is a beautiful historic town in Andhra Pradesh, recognised for its ancient and cultural significance. This is a place where you may discover followers of Hindu, Islam and Buddhism. It is a massive city of the state from where you can easily reach unique places like Amravati, Kondavidu, Mangalagiri. Guntur is a main center of business activity in its past as well as present, the town is famous for fabric industry, chilli-spices, cotton etc. production. This makes Asia’s largest Chilli market Guntur as a best location for documentary shooting as well as Film shooting in Andhra Pradesh, India.


Largest Chilli Producing Country in the World

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Do you know that India is at number one in the list of most chili producing countries in the world. Make a bet, you won’t know. And perhaps you have not seen any other type of chillies besides the local green chillies, which are sold by way of the vegetable in markets around you.


The Guntur region in Andhra Pradesh is actually the largest chilli-producing region in the country. There are several varieties of chilies found in India. Some chilies are very very hot, some light hot. These include S10 (not too hot), 334 (not too hot), Teja S17 and the most famous Sannam S4 (thin most spicy chili).


Famous Chilli Cuisines of Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

Asia’s largest Chilli Market in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India - Chilli dishes

There is a dish named Kodi Vepadu is a spicy chicken fry, a common dish made from chilli in Andhra Pradesh. One such is the Nati Kodi Kura, an Andhra chicken curry that is made by mixing coconut, Chilli Chutney, poppy seeds and Guntur Sannam. And one that I and my international filming crews ate while shooting a video documentary in the region was Chepa Pulusu, Tamarind Fish Curry. It was a very hot dish and very delightful as well.


The Chilli of Guntur field is also very red in color due to its very capsicin content. Capsicin is beneficial in lowering down the blood pressure, excessive cholesterol level, blood clotting. It is also helpful in weight control with the aid of rushing up metabolism and reducing hunger. Chillies are commonaly used in Industry for manufacturing chilli sauce and different other types of FMCG products.


Chilli Export from Guntur

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Chilli is a large-scale product in India. The famous chilli of Guntur is exported worldwide. This is about 30 percent of the total chilli exports of India. Teja Chilli which is very special variety is usually eaten in Delhi is sold for Rs 20,000 per 100 Kgs. Not only this, India is also far ahead in the chilli leaflet. Andhra Pradesh has the highest production of chilli, about 7 lakh tonnes a year.


The soaring demand of Guntur Chilli is due to range of factors, including a spurt in demand from China, Bangladesh, Thailand and Sri Lanka, who prefer it for its pungent character. In recent times. India and China has signed protocol for export of chilli. China has becomes a major importer of Indian Chilli.


Current Scenario of Chilli in Guntur

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The chilli of Guntur has been in the news in past couple of months. In an International study it was the found that the Guntur Chilli has the presence of aflatoxins which can have a profound impact on its global exports. As most of you may know, many pesticides are used in India by famers for several reasons, which are not allowed in developed countries actually.


In many countries, the use of these pesticides is completely banned. Exports have started coming down due to use of these banned pesticides in chilli and basmati rice. Apart from afflatoxins, excessive pesticides and chemical residues are a major problem for Indian agricultural exports. This problem is with basmati, grapes, peanuts and many more.


Film and Documentary shooting laws in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

film and documentary shooting laws in Guntur Andhra Pradesh India

India has been working on major film shooting policies on National level to make the system transparent and convenient for national and international film makers whereas the State government is not behind to execute such laws and come up with their own feasible laws and subsidies to promote Film Tourism in their state.


In the year 2013, the Govt of Andhra Pradesh set up a Film Tourism Cell to provide hassle free services to film producers. The goal of the cell is to have single window facility to seek permission of shooting anywhere in Andhra Pradesh. Within 2 weeks, the government would gives the permit for shooting not only in major places in Guntur Chilli Market, temples but also its forest conserved areas.


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