Indian Bridal Jewellery: Every woman’s wedding day essentials who’s every bit has its own significance

Indian Bridal Jewellery: Every woman’s wedding day essentials who’s every bit has its own significance

Significance of Indian Bridal Jewellery

Have you ever thought that why all the brides in India wear Jewellery from their head to toe? If not, then you might have thought about the type of Jewellery you will be wearing on your own wedding day. From your smallest to the largest ornament you must have planned about it once in your lifetime. You wanted to wear this and you wanted to wear that too. But if you wear this then it will not match with your wedding outfit. It’s Complicated. Right? 


Choosing what to wear and what not is a long process. And at times this process becomes complicated and confusing simultaneously. But What if you have someone to fix this? Yes, a fixer who can fix this for you. Someone who can solve all your problems from deciding the wedding venue to helping you with your Jewellery and outfit. Isn’t that great? If yes, then you are in the right place. 


Indians Weddings: A cheerful affair

Indians Weddings A cheerful affair

There is a popular saying in India that, “Marriage is not the association of two individuals, rather it is the association of two families”. Weddings in India are not just a matter of one single day. It takes months to prepare for this one special day. From making the list of the relatives to deciding the venue, shopping, decoration, catering, and whatnot. All this takes a lot of time and effort. And not to forget, the pre-wedding functions that make this whole wedding a festival like celebration.


India is a country that is rich in culture. And with different cultures come different emotional value and significance associated with the same thing. Also, with every culture comes some exciting traditions. This makes Indian weddings a not to miss occasion.


Indian Bride and Bridal Jewellery

Indian Bride and Bridal Jewellery

Every woman dreams about her perfect look on her wedding day. From her wedding outfit to her bangles and her sandals, everything needs to be perfect. Every ornament worn by her has its significance. It adds to the beauty of the bride on her special day. And all this Jewellery together completes the bridal look.


In North India, brides wear red lehenga because red is considered the color of a married woman. In South India, brides usually wear a silk saree. In the Sikh community, brides wear a salwar suit. Similarly, every part of India has its type of outfit that one wears on their wedding day. But the fact that remains common is that in all these outfits the bride looks perfect.


Significance of Indian Bridal Jewellery

Brides in India wear Jewellery from head to toe. Each ornament has its own significance. Wearing their bridal outfit, Jewellery only adds to their beauty. Let us discuss the significance of various ornaments worn by Indian brides.


maang tika

Starting from the head Maangtika is a pendant attached with a chain that is attached in the hair with a hook. It is worn on the forehead right between the middle parting of the hairs. According to Vedas, it is believed that a chakra known as ‘Ajna Chakra’ is on the exact place where maangtika is worn. It represents the union of the bride and groom in all ways. This is the same place where Vermillion is put during the wedding rituals. That is why it has more significance.


Earrings bridal india

After Maangtika, one of the most significant bridal Jewellery is Earrings. Been worn on the ears, it enhances the bride beauty. According to the existing beliefs, ornaments are worn by the bride to protect and prevent them from all kinds of misfortunes. Earrings are worn by the brides to protect them from evil spirits.

Nose Ring or Nath

Nose Ring or Nath bridal india

In most parts of India, a Nath (Hindi term for nose ring) is considered as an important part of bridal Jewellery. It makes the bride look, even more beautiful. Many people believe that it is a symbol of a married woman. So, it should be worn during the wedding only. According to Ayurveda, a pierced nose has acupuncture benefits. It reduces the menstrual pain as well as the pain during childbirth. It is believed that it is also a sign of women’s virginity. It also represents the wealth of the in-laws.


Mangalsutra bridal jewellery india

The most important piece of Jewellery in a bridal look is Mangalsutra. It is a thread of black and golden beads with a pendant in the center. It was tied by the Groom around the Bride’s neck during the wedding rituals. It is the symbol of a married woman. In Indian culture, it is important to wear it as long as the woman is married.


Bangles indian bridal jewellery

The beautiful sound of bangles is what every woman likes. It is worn even in hands after marriage. In some North Indian states, a set of ivory and red bangles are known as ‘Chooda’ is worn by the bride after a ceremony. While in Maharashtra, set of green glass bangles are worn by the bride. These bangles represent good luck, romance, happiness, and prosperity in married life.


Kalire indian bridal jewellery

Kalire is a metal or gold ornament worn by Indian brides. It contains small chandeliers. It is tied on the bangles and worn till 40 days after marriage. It represents the love and good health of the bride’s friends and family members. A ritual is also associated with it. The bride shakes her kalire on the heads of unmarried girls. If it falls on anyone then it is believed that she is the one who will get married next.


anklets indian bridal jewellery

Just like the bangles, anklets are worn on the ankle. ­­ The sound made by the anklets represents the coming of the bride in the groom’s house.

Toe Rings

toe ring indian bridal jewellery

Toe rings also known as ‘Bichiya’, are worn by married women on the second toe on each foot. It is made up of metals. In South India, it is a symbol of a married woman.


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