Top 5 things to remember before hiring local Interpreter in India

Top 5 things to remember before hiring local Interpreter in India

Interpretation is verbal translation and involves the spoken language and interpreted language. Hence, careful study of both is necessary to grasp the in-depth meaning of the spoken language, then interpret it efficiently and instantly into the language and vocabulary of the listener.

Interpreters are well acquainted with the background of the project they interpret for and are adept at keenly observing and taking notes of all the finer aspects and accurately delivering the interpretation in a lucid, easy-flowing manner that stays close to the original flavor of your discussion.

Filming Indo specializes in bringing the advantages of consecutive interpretation in bilateral talks between the premiers of different countries, and small groups or technical meetings, with equal ease.

There are few things very important which should be taken care of before hiring interpreter in India during any kind of project:

  1. Experts in foreign language and local language

Most of the time we have seen that an interpreter is having good knowledge of foreign language but he is not very good in local languages. For example if you hire an interpreter from New Delhi and you take him to Tamil Nadu for your project it will not be beneficial for you. Vice versa, interpreter should have extensive knowledge of the foreign country language and additionally if he has experience of working in that country it is complimentary.

  1. Awareness of Local Culture and tradition

Good Interpreters has good knowledge about their nation’s history and culture extensively. It is unworthy if you mistakenly hired an interpreter who however has good speaking skills but don’t know much about regional culture and their tradition, you may get into some risk. For example, if you have to shoot in a temple and foreign film makers would be entering, so there are set of rules to be followed by the each and every person. So its interpreters job to aware the team members.

  1. Feasible with Clients Need

Most of the Indian Interpreter are very rigid and in ego always. They are always trying to chase more money by getting commissions and all taking you various shops and emporiums. An interpreter should understand in advance the needs of clients, and act accordingly. So it is very important to understand the character of Interpreter before finalizing him/her for job.

Filming Indo interpreters cover your personal and official communication and navigational needs from the beginning to the end of your international trip, allowing you to participate actively and derive the maximum experience from your travel and film shooting across India.

  1. Strict standards of professionalism

Always hire Interpreter from a reputed organization to ensure the top standards of professionalism. In most cases, my clients hired from makemytrip or some random facebook pages, and have suffered lately during film shooting and interviews due to lack of cooperation and understanding among the team. Filming Indo maintains strict standards of professionalism and possess exceptional linguistic and interpersonal skills to help facilitate interactions between two (and sometimes more) languages. We take special care to carefully select our Interpreters for each specific client-engagement based on the language and subject matter requirements. Our team members always strive to provide the highest quality of service.

  1. Experience of Interpreter

The experience matters a lot for interpreter’s job. His experience shows his excellency in his languages which consists all the terminology like technical terms, medical terms, media & films terms etc. Before hiring any interpreter you must check his past experiences, weather he was just a translation guy or he used to go outdoor on trip with clients on film or documentary project. His experience of particular niche will be very helpful during your project needs.

Filming Indo has handled more than 100 consecutive interpretation assignments for small, medium and large-sized delegations including visits, meetings interviews, documentaries, films, tv programs, web series etc.

Filming Indo provides interpretation services in several national and international languages. Our interpretation services include facilitation jobs during buyer-seller meets, one-to-one business meetings, simultaneous interpreting during conferences, seminars, workshops and consecutive interpreting during inbound or outbound delegation visits, business meetings, film & documentary shootings, site visits, etc.

Apart from consecutive interpretation services for business delegations, we also provide highly specialized simultaneous interpretation services in Hindi <> English, Spanish <> English, French <> English, Portuguese <> English, German <> English, Chinese <> English, Japanese <> English, Russian <> English, Arabic <> English, Korean, Italian <> English <> English and Persian <> English.

Similarly, with our strong academic and professional credentials, we maintain good relations with many senior Interpreters and Professors. Our team works in close cooperation with them in order to provide world-class simultaneous interpretation services for clients who specifically look for high-quality.

You may mail us your needs and we promise to give you best service.

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