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FILMING INDO offers a personal, tailored & hands-on approach to INDIA production service built on a foundation of unparalleled production industry experience. All projects are passionately & attentively looked after from brief to delivery, meaning that client service & production expertise are continually cared for and at the top of our agenda from start to finish.

Our partners have a deep understanding of the complexities of production having run their own successful India based commercial production companies over the last one decade. This experience of managing in-house directors, agency partners and clients means that our knowledge of the production industry and its processes is vast. We have effectively produced and executive produced Television Commercials, Branded Content, Broadcast, Short Films, Music Videos & Live Events across a multitude of disciplines – Animation, SFX, Live Action, Food, Car, Beauty, Documentary, Corporate. Based in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh), our reach extends across all corners of Incredible India – New Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Sikkim, Guwahati, Manipur, Kolkata, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Goa, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Gujarat.

We are highly informed in working across cultures due to our shared global experience. It is with pride that our long standing relationships with our top level crew and suppliers allows us to competitively quote with other countries, making budgets reach further than originally perceived of the India. This in-house expertise guarantees a high level of efficiency, problem solving and budget management that offers security and delivery of a premium production.

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What we do

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Budgeting & Preparation

Research – Assistance – Advice for India Production Service

Thorough research – transparent & efficient budgeting – understanding cost control – fast turnarounds.

We lecture on the production budget for the Institute of Practitioners In Advertising

Assistance – Visas/India entry – Permits – location & cast references

Clearcast for India broadcast & playout transmissions

Advice – the entire India shooting experience – shoot day, crew terms, daylight hours

Our global knowledge allows us to advise on territories ex-India and be competitive with our India quotes

Crew & Suppliers

Award-winning crew to emerging talent from the National School of Drama

Understanding personalities and cultures means connecting the right people to the right project

Long-held relationships with trusted equipment suppliers ensures the finest level of equipment and service

Established working relationships with leading New Delhi and Mumbai based Post-production houses and their global network

Location & Studio

We have replicated Mumbai streets, cheated the Mountains of Himalayas and brought International film makers to Asia’s largest studio Ramoji in Hyderabad

Diverse, iconic Indian landmarks, artistic streets, cityscapes, countryside, coastline, rivers, warehouses, factories

A huge studio selection from small photographic to underwater & large stages where the biggest stunt jobs & feature films are filmed. Our head office is based at New Delhi, the capital of India.


Our Models and Artists have extensive backgrounds in video, television, film, theatre production and commercial print advertising. We have an active presence working with many established performers as well as many newly rising actors and models.

We have partnered with DOPs, Lighting Camera Operators, Camera Operators, Camera Assistants, Boom Operators, Sound Assistants, Offline/online Editors, Audio Editors, Sound Designers, Vision Mixers, Gaffer & Sparks, Visual Effects Artists and Compositors, Graphic Designer and Illustration. We also have Make-Up designer, Make-Up Artists, Costume Designers.

Our Creative and Technical crews we work with have extensive experience and are carefully selected. They are hired not only for their creative and technical capabilities bit for their attitude, people skills and work ethic.

Award winning Choreographers

Worldwide animals and expert handlers

Negotiating talent fees, buyouts and contract

Commercial Photography

We can organise a stand-alone commercial photo shoot or find the perfect stills photographer to accompany your film


We live and work in New Delhi and have been at the heart of our city for half decade

We know the places to have fun & kick back, either in our Capital or beyond

Leading hotels & private agents to tailor-make accommodation needs

Travel by Virgin Bikes to Chauffeur Service

Family-friendly / Trusted childcare

Our interests in the arts and culture gives you the best advice for maximum enjoyment of our amazing country

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Multiple Country Shoot

The INDIA may be one element of your production

Working with trusted worldwide partners, we can coordinate multiple country shoots to offer a streamlined & cost effective approach to your production

Countries we work in and with:

Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, USA & Canada, Europe (Iceland/Ireland/France/Spain/Serbia/Czech Republic/Portugal/Italy/Poland/Ukraine) & Turkey, Morocco, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia.