Internship for Foreign Citizen in India/overseas

At Filming Indo, we work with international media industry which is increasing and we believe that further strengthening our partnership with international clients is a top priority.

Filming Indo hardhearted in the heart of India, New Delhi and Religious capital Varanasi and has a unique business practices and cultures which have some of the world’s most originality, making them a great place to learn about different cultures and diversity of values.

Of course, we also want to improve each other through exchanges with foreign youth who will play the role of the future international media. In order to bring foreign countries and India closer, we are looking for media internships.

If you are interested in promotional videos, TV commercials, dramas, events, etc.,
and have no experience yet, but want to learn the know-how about the media and use it in your future career development, please take advantage of Filming Indo’s internship.

■ Application Guidelines

Business Activities: Blog and articles writing, Production Planning, budgeting, Location hunting, camera assistant and translation & interpretation etc.

(1) Basic PC skills (Word, Excel)
(2) Communication skills
(3) Language level (Junior high school level English is fine)
* Photoshop, Flash If you can use software such as

Treatment: Unpaid

Working period: 2 months or more

How to apply:
Please email us your resume, scanned passport copy along with photo and please clearly state your motivation on your resume.

You will be notified by e-mail about the acceptance decision.