Line Producer in Delhi NCR and Gurgaon Haryana India

Line Producer in Delhi NCR and Gurgaon Haryana India

Filming Indo is one of the best Line Producer based in Delhi NCR India. We work as direct link line between the International film makers and creative crews across India.

Filming Indo has a strong sense of business, as well as how to manage time, money, and people in order to ensure that the people working in both sides of the industry end up happy with the final production.

Being a line producer, we have a background in business and the practical side of film & documentary production. We can help you with all kinds of research, script, various locations across India, arranging key people from private and government sectors for interview, permissions from different government authorities, providing best equipments and technical assistance.

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Supporting Foreign Film Productions in India

At Filming Indo, we are committed to facilitating international filmmakers who wish to set up movie productions in India. From securing permits to managing production logistics, we offer comprehensive support to ensure a seamless filming experience. Additionally, we can assist in obtaining a 40% subsidy from the government on overall qualified expenditure, further enhancing the financial viability of your project.

If you are a foreign film production company interested in exploring opportunities in India, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Our dedicated team is ready to assist you every step of the way.


We are Government of India recognized Fixer & Line Production Company in India

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Behind the Scenes from our Recent Works in Delhi NCR as Line Producer

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