Working at Filming Indo is rewarding. You will not only fly high with opportunities, but evolve as a concrete personality of awesome demeanor and precious talent. Where coffee is your mate during completions, and your desk your buddy – working at Varanasi Films adds the right hue to your life. Sharp work ethics and sound knowledge of your skill is a plus at our office. Your skills should define passion. While your skills will be put to test and, you will be required to ace the effective levels of work quality, the end-result will bring pride to your cap.

Our work defines our standards. And, we always aim for a high! If your work speaks volumes about your talent, and you have an undying wish to come be a part of a movement to flip the basics of film Making, Coordination and Tour Management at its core, wait no more! The first step is very simple – Mail us your CV on and charm us with your portfolio and experience.

The next step needs patience – Wait for our reply. We will definitely get back to you with an answer.

Current Openings- 

1. Internship for Foreign Citizen in India/overseas

2. Internship for Indian media/Journalism Students