Event Management

Event Management

Filming Indo is also an event management company operating in Varanasi and adjacent cities. We assure to handle every part of it with finesse. We step in right at the stage of Idea Generation to its Flawless Execution. We started with a purpose to provide ‘ONE STOP SOLUTIONS’ for all your Marketing-related worries.

Our MISSION is to assist our clients achieve their objective through the development and execution of customized & meticulously planned events.”

If you need to promote new products both internally to their own organization and externally to their clients, buyers, dealer or press, you need some like us. Professionally we elevate your presentation with simple set and staging. We come with interesting ideas to give your product a brand launch.


W ensure success of any conferences or seminars by well crafted event planning and implementing & reviewing that’s’ our strength. Our ability to get into the minutest of the details enables us to secure & handle every aspect right from hospitality to the most advanced technical requirement of any conference or seminar.


Having a beautiful backdrop for an award ceremony represents not only significance of the event but also the respect the organizer has for the attandees, who took time out to attend, and to the award winners for their achievements. Our team of designers can transform anything or any place to give you a stylish yet affordable award night.


Exhibitions are major events for any company & we fully understand the need for a return on investment. They provide a hand-on experience to the brand or product and are vital for generating inquiries and sales leads. From initial brief to innovative eye catching exhibition stalls, we aim to meet and exceed your expectation in the process.

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