Tour Guide

Tour Guide

We love to share the uniqueness of our city, which is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. We customize journeys of fulfillment, to share the wealth and knowledge of the Indian culture with Travelers. We stand for quality, reliability, knowledge and experience by delivering our services with attentive care.

Night Light Show

Varanasi nightlife will give very unique experience. On this tour you will be enlighten by the all the lights shining across the bank of river Ganges of Varanasi. After picking you up in the evening, you will start your tour from Assi Ghat. Taking a boat you may enjoy the enthralling night light of Ghats. The boat will take you to Ganga Aarti spot where you will enjoy the world most popular ceremony for mother Ganga. Then you may experience the walking tour inside the heart of city.

Sunrise Boat Ride

This tour will enable you to discover the mystery and history of each ghats. You will be able to witness the cultural celebration of Subhe Banaras that means “the morning of Varanasi”. You may witness the priest performing various religious rituals, women and men taking holy dip into river Ganges. On the boat, you may also see the rituals of cremation at Manikarnika Ghat, where dead’s come from across the country.

Food and Wine Tour

You may experience the city while walking with all your senses and soak up the colors, sounds, sights, aromas and taste. Banaras offers you the best of history coupled with the best in cuisine as well. The streets have a wide range of eateries all offering delectably scrumptious food that is sure to suit every traveler’s appetite.

Religious and Heritage Tours

This tour will open many hidden tales of several Ghats underlying along the river Ganges. You will witness the Main Ghat and Manikarnika Ghat. Famous temple like Vishwanath Temple, Nepali temple, Golden Temple, Jain temple will make you surprise with their astonishing stories. You may also visit famous Durga Temple and Hanuman Temple.

Hiking and Walking Tours

This special walk tour will take you through Varanasi’s colourful markets, captivating places of worship, ancient building of stupendous architecture, and even greater stories. You may get to know the key elements of Hindu philosophy, how Varanasi’s unique Geography led to its becoming India’s spiritual capital, and the city’s compelling take on Death & Moksha. The walk perfectly emulates the eccentricities of Varanasi.

Art & Craft Tour

Varanasi is colourful, chaotic and full of surprise. Varanasi has, since times immemorial, been hailed as a premier centre for some of the finest handicrafts. The most renowned craft of the city is Silk weaving. ‘Banarasi Sarees’ produced by local craftsman are among the most preferred, not only in India but across the world. You may experience the weavers’ factory, will be introduced with production process. In addition, you will be introduced with Glass beads and carpet weaving production factories of Varanasi.

Tour on special boat ‘Angel of Water’

We always take care of your experience. We want to make it little extra advance. The specially designed boat ‘Angle of Water’ is all set to take you to unique experience, where you can see Night Ganga Aarti, can do sightseeing from Assi Ghat to Manikarnika Ghat at any preferred time. The two
floor boat has the capacity of 30 people and is available to serve delicious Varanasi food and cuisines
while you enjoy the scenic beauty with live classical music performance on board.

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