Filming Permission / Visa Assistance

Filming Permission and Visa Assistance

The Process to procure all necessary filming permits and crew visa to film in Varanasi is somewhat of a challenge in itself. Unfortunately there is excessive bureaucracy and overlapping jurisdiction by authorities. The Ministry of External Affairs and Foreign Affairs each have their own rules and requirements when it comes to filming permits and crew Visa.


It is very important that you have a clear idea of your shoot and that all documents and facts you submit are correct, otherwise you might risk weeks or even months of delay or even need to resubmit your application. This is where Varanasi Films comes in. We make sure applications are done the proper way.

International Filmmakers can’t apply for film permit by themselves. By law you are required to appoint a “local sponsor” to act on your behalf. Only companies with a production license registered by the Government of India Companies Act can be appointed as “local Sponsor”.


The visa application process for film crew is connected to the filming permit application and usually will be taken care of by your “local sponsor”.

On your behalf, our Production team will prepare application for visa and guide you accordingly. We will also prepare Custom Clearance Letter so that you may import professional camera gear etc. into India.

To find out how we can help you with your Film Permit and Visa issues,