Research and Script Development for News

Research and Script Development

Varanasi has Creativity, industry knowledge and an eye for detail in generating programme ideas. We give our full support to Producers and Production Team. As a researcher and Script Developer, we contribute ideas for programmes, source contacts and contributors, collect, verify and prepare information for film and television.


Our research team has personal qualities, relevant experience and good knowledge of art, broadcasting and media, design, history, journalism, politics, public relations and theatre.

Our highly creative and wide vision team takes every responsibility for fact checking, writing briefs for presenters, and ensuring that the production adheres to appropriate legislation.

The variety and type of work carried out by our researcher depends on individual projects. Depending on the type of project, we carry out specific research-based tasks. We conduct factual research to check that all the information use in making film is accurate, such as period costume and architecture. We also do picture research to examine archives for film, video and photographic material to be used in documentaries and Tv programs.


We believe that the screenplay is both the foundation and the most important part of any project. To take either a pre-written story, or even a native story idea, and translate into an effective screenplay is the primary role of our screenplay writers. Our highly experienced team has a good eye on every important aspect maybe generic to good story-writing such as character development, believable characters, story and engaging plot points, regardless of the story-telling medium.

Our development process is designed to maximise a project’s creative and commercial potential, before it goes into production. We believe that the development phase is often neglected in independent production, and that this is the number one cause for most commercial and artistic failures among indie projects.

Our development group provides feedback and analysis, for both our in-house as well as selected third party projects.

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