Thailand Documentary Shooting in India – Part 1

Thailand Documentary Shooting in India – Part 1

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We are very delighted to state that the team of Filming Indo have been a part of documentary “Tuen Travel’ a Thailand travel genre documentary about the current pollution crisis in India. The aim of the documentary is to achieve a widespread impact on Thai audience by bringing them too many places around the world which serious environmental issues exists in extreme scales.

For filming in India,  the show aims to travel in and study the air pollution crisis in  ‘Gurugram’, the city that was declared as the most polluted city of the world in 2018 and ‘New Delhi’ as the world’s most polluted capital city in 2018.

The show has to cover both the cultural and the environmental aspects of the 2 cities, how people live their everyday lives within such pollution, the impacts the air pollution have on their healths, the causes of such pollution, and what are being done to appease the problems. The aim is the to compare the case in India with what is now happening in Thailand, with the air quality getting worse every month in Bangkok and many other provinces. So the lesson learned by the people and organizations in Gurugram and Delhi can help Thai society deal better with the increase air pollution problems in the upcoming future.

A four days shooting was scheduled in the state of Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. It was a big challenge to bring together each and every expert ranging from locals, doctors, NGOs, Air Quality Expert and Government Authorities for views.

It tool around 10 days for all the research and arranging key people and places for shooting. It all started with filming a montage or you can say an introduction of India by showing various glimpses of Delhi markets, architecture and colourful people.

One the first day of shooting, the team went to spice market which is near Chowdi Bazar

video production house and fixer in New Delhi Indiaand Chandni Chowk. We interviewed few shopkeepers asking them what they feel about air pollution and its effect on economy. We arranged a shopkeeper whose shop is running since last 200 years and sells cups and plates of leaves which used to very popular earlier. The products relate to

out subject as because of tremendous using of plastics, our environment is highly polluted.








The whole team sat on Battery rikshaw and travelled to Red Fort where we arranged an NGO called Parwaah Foundation for showing us how an NGO is coming forward and spreading awareness about the air pollution.

video production house and fixer in New Delhi IndiaThe NGO distributed good quality masks to hundreds of people came at Red Fort as a part of social work. The NGO also has eco friendly pens and pencils which has seeds capsule on top. It shows the need that we should really implement and adopt also  to teach to young ones to protect environment further.

video production house and fixer in New Delhi India






Delhi is not very large but there are some areas which are very clean and beautiful. Areas like Central Secretariat, Parliament House, and India Gate etc are best places for filming in New Delhi. We visited such places for shooting cleanest part of Delhi where there are mostly government building and archeological sites exist. These places are best suitable to give an idea of India’s capital vibes.

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After the recent outbreak of air pollution various news startups and NGOs related to air pollution solutions begin to emerge in Delhi and nearby states. We wanted to show a shop where selling of air purifiers and masks have raised. For this we went to Nirvana Being shop at Khan Market which is also one of the very expensive markets in New Delhi. During peak air pollution crisis, the selling of m

video production house and fixer in india Delhi

asks were increase immensely and me myself saw a long queue out of the Nirvana Being to purchase good quality masks. We interviewed Mr Jai Dhar Gupta for his opinion on air pollutions effect on human and ways we can tackle it. Mr Gupta demonstrated special silicon made masks for best protection and few other important products to be used for citizen. However the products are expensive and cant be afforded by normal people.

The team also interviewed a chest specialist and renowned doctor at Agrasain Hospital for his opinion on health effects of air pollution. We chose the hospital in north part of Delhi which remains always

video production house and fixer in india Delhi

high in AQI. The Director wanted to show that the number of patients increased during pollution or what are the severe cases the doctor has came through in past few months.

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