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We are the one-stop Production Support company by Bilingual Fixer’s Network throughout India dealing with diverse inbound Media Projects

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Media Production Fixer Support in India| Filming Indo

Filming Indo is your gateway to India, providing international media travelers with staff from many aspects of photo and video production.

If you are a TV producer, filmmaker, photojournalist, corporation looking to connect with Indian Fixers, Filming Indo has headquarters located in the heart of New Delhi and Varanasi to coordinate with you for your production work anywhere in India.

Our fixers will be your local producer providing you with assistance and coordination with foreign media parties that have specific stories they are working to acquire.

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Hiring a local fixer in India can be a crucial and very viable tool. India has challenges to overcome in order to get a good story, and even just to be able to contact and connect with residents. You can think of a fixer as your reliable local business partner, communicator, and coordinator in India. With a fixer you won’t find yourself in difficult situations trying to get local information or spending your days lost and losing invaluable time. Indians are friendly to everyone, but do struggle with English language and cultural barriers. While it has progressively English is coming more spoken, at times there are still challenges, even in larger cities.

Производство видеофильмов в Индии

Filming Indo is a cost effective solution for any foreign media crew wishing whether your term in India will be a few days or a few weeks. We are a one-stop fixing service that will do the research for you ensuring that your project runs smoothly and cost efficiently.

Feel free to contact us and discuss your upcoming projects in India. We have the years of experience, contacts and team of bilingual and multilingual fixers that will path a smooth path for your production while in India.

Supporting Foreign Film Productions in India

At Filming Indo, we are committed to facilitating international filmmakers who wish to set up movie productions in India. From securing permits to managing production logistics, we offer comprehensive support to ensure a seamless filming experience. Additionally, we can assist in obtaining a 40% subsidy from the government on overall qualified expenditure, further enhancing the financial viability of your project.

If you are a foreign film production company interested in exploring opportunities in India, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Our dedicated team is ready to assist you every step of the way.


We are Government of India recognized Fixer & Line Production Company in India

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Behind the Scenes from our Recent Works in Delhi NCR as Line Producer

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Производство видеофильмов в Индии