Fixer in India: One solution to all your problems and 10 reasons why you need one

Fixer in India: One solution to all your problems and 10 reasons why you need one

Fixer in India

Have you ever thought of filming a  documentary or a feature film in abroad? Do you ever had a story in your mind that was to be shot in another country. But now it is piled up in the bundle of your other incomplete work. If yes, then you need a fixer. 


Yes, you heard it right!! A fixer in India is what you need. And just like Krishna solved Arjuna problems in Mahabharata your problems will also be solved.

Who is a fixer?

Who is a media fixer in India?

A fixer as the name suggests is a person or a group who can help you out with your problems in a particular area. This group includes local people who are professionals in their field. While shooting a feature film or documentary, the fixer helps you with the pre-production, production, post-production, equipments, crew and several other things.

What a fixer can do?

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There are times when we had a story but due to one reason or another we keep it on hold. Sometimes location is the issue and sometimes residents. And while shooting abroad it becomes even more difficult. In all these situations a fixer can help you. From getting you the required permissions to giving you the final raw cut a fixer fixes everything in the whole shooting process.

Why you need a fixer?

As said earlier a fixer fixes everything. Here are ten reasons why you need a fixer:

1. Your own local guide

A fixer usually consists of a team of local professionals. They know about the pros and cons of the area. They function more like a local tour guide for you. As they know about the culture and tradition of that area, they can tell you about the popular story of that area.

2  Visa assistance and permits

Coming from another country and shooting is a complicated task. Most of the times it can create troubles if you. It is because you do not know about the permissions required for shooting in that country. In such cases, fixers helps you in getting all the required permits for shooting. They can also help you in getting your Visa.

3. Best Location in Town 

Being a local resident, fixers are known to each nook and corner of the area. And this can be an asset for you if you are shooting in abroad. Whether you want to shoot a suspense sequence in a dark place or you want to shoot a romantic sequence. Your fixers will always have the best option for you.

4. Language no Barrier

Language can be the biggest barrier while shooting abroad. While shooting documentaries, you wanted to talk to people. But language becomes a barrier. Sometimes they cannot understand you. And sometimes you cannot understand what they are saying. Also, residents refuse to talk to strangers sometimes. A fixer can sort this out for you. He can handle the situation and make people understand the purpose of your interaction with them. They can act as a translator also.

5. Scriptwriter 

A fixer can write a script for you also. They can translate and prepare the script according to your convenience. They can add, suggest and drop ideas from script if it can affect the emotions of the residents.

6. Crew Manager 

Fixers also provides you crew members. They help you with escorting. They also provide the crew for production staff, spotboys, lightmen, cameraman’s etc.

7. Your Own Stylist 

Costumes is no longer an issue if you hire a fixer. They provides you with best in town material and designs. You don’t have to worry about your artistes look because your fixer is there to fix it.

8. Get All Equipment at Ease 

Camera, lights, cables and all the necessary equipments required while shooting are provided by the fixer. They offer you latest and best equipment for a smooth shooting experience.

9. Transport and Accommodation Manager 

Your fixer will also made the necessary arrangements for you to travel from one place to another easily. They also resolve the problem of accommodation. They make all the arrangements even before your plane lands in the country.

10. Budget Friendly 

One of the biggest issue while shooting abroad is budget. But when you hire a fixer, it is no longer an issue. You tell your budget. And your fixer will offer you the best facilities it can within your budget.


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