Drone Photography, Videography and Rental Services in India | Filming Indo

Drone Photography, Videography and Rental Services in India | Filming Indo

Drone photography and videography in India - Filming Indo

Films have been prevalent in India for more than decades. It involves the constant modifications and advancements that happened over time, which lead us to certain technological ramifications. This includes aerial filming and bird-eye view shooting. The bird-eye view is rather modern than other aerial filming methods. They not only provided a new horizon to the filming world but also gives the viewers a new perception of watching movies. This advancement involved the production houses of India with many new career aspects, including different camera-angle experts, moving camera experts, different cinematographers, and other photography professionals.


For example, Drone videography for corporate film production and TV Commercials or Music video, geographical photography, drone videography for documentary, aerial survey, drone wedding photography, topological photography, photo and videography of hard-to-reach places, which are almost impossible to reach by any mode of ground transport. Apart from these, certain archaeological, and surveillance and photography also involve aerial experts and photographers to perform their expertise for completing a task. thus making aerial filming a better option for documentaries as well.


How is Aerial Photography in India done?

Previously aerial photography and videography was done through the help of cranes, helicopters, and many other complicated methods. but with India being the world’s largest producer of films, finding time to book cranes, and helicopters are impossible.


Now with the help of such advanced technologies aerial filming or you can also say drone Photograpy and videography has become very common and easy. Drones (UAV) in particular are the best option for aerial filming. You don’t have to pay a heavy bill for helicopters and cranes. Rather you need a trained pilot to be able to control the drone and with the best type of drones on rent in India you can easily produce the very best aerial shots of India possible.


What are the Drone flying rules in India?

To own or keep a drone according to the Indian government rules you must register every drone. you just get a license to fly drone Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Government of India.


  • No, take off policy

Before every take you must inform and take permission from a mobile app. the system will automatically accept or reject your request based on the situation. if a pilot tries to take off the drone without permission he or she will simply not be able to take off. permission is taken from the digital sky platform.


  • Drone zones

There are certain places in India where it is prohibited to fly a drone. or you may need really special permission. places like airports, runways, vital military installations.


Can International film makers (Foreigners) bring drone in India?

Non- Indian civilians are not allowed to film via drones and if you want to film for commercial purposes then you need to do different types of paperwork. That can be a long process


Directorate General of Civil Aviation had released India’s policy on Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR) for drones (UAVs) on 27th August, 2018. You may Read the full ruling here (Section 3–Air Transport, Series X, Part I).


What do Filming Indo provides in India?

There are many other strict rules to keep in mind. And a creator doing all this work will be a waste of your time and energy. So it is best to hire a Drone rental company in India that can rest drones and pilots. Companies that charge per day prices for drones and pilots rental services. They also provide experienced pilots who will be able to do a better job at flying the drone properly and you’ll also not have to compromise on your side of directing.


We provide all the things mentioned above. At Filming Indo we help you to create the project of your dreams with the trouble of dealing with such complicated rules and methods. We have many types of drones for rental in India and all of them are meant to fulfill your requirements.


Types of Drone we provide on rent in India

Multi Rotor drones which are most easiest available and easy to handle drones used by drone pilots in India for the purpose of Filming in India. For aerial Photography and videography or aerial video surveillance  Filming Indo offers following drone for rental in India:


DJI Inspire 2 With X7 and X5s Gimbal Camera

DJI Inspire 2 With X7 and X5s Gimbal Camera rent in Delhi Gurgaon India - Filming Indo

DJI Inspire 2 Quadcopter is a very powerful cinematic and photographic machine. You may record video of high bit rates H.264 & H.265 by using separately X7 and X5S gimbal camera with Inspire 2 drone.


DJI Mavic Pro Drone Camera

Black Dji Mavic Pro Drone on rent in Delhi Gurgaon India - Filming Indo

The Mavic Pro is an amazing drone captures beautiful shorts in high resolution. The drone comes with 12.71 MP HD camera for taking eyecatching aerial images. Most of professional done pilot have started using this machine for cinematic shots. The Drone camera gives 4K Video resolution upto 3840×2160.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro

Dji Phantom Drone rental in India - Filming Indo

Phantom 4 Pro drone is most commonly used drone in India for shooting purpose. The drone has a 3-axis-stabilized gimbal camera. The drone is capable of filming up to 4K/60fps video. It is better in performance than its previous version of Phantom 4 drone. The Phantom 4 Pro comes with magnesium allow body giving is better rigidity and less weight.


Contact Filming Indo today for any further details. We will make sure we reach your requirements.