Filming Aghoris and the Naked Sadhus of India

Filming Aghoris and the Naked Sadhus of India

Filming Aghoris and the Naked Sadhus of India (6)




Aghoris are often spotted in the Indian pilgrimage hotspots like Varanasi, Allahabad, Haridwar, Kumbh Mela, kamakhya among other places which are considered as valuable location for filming in India. They attribute being introvert as their sadhna rules want them to be aloof.


Based on beliefs the aghori sadhus powers consist of healing, they say that these power derives from the devotion to Kali Maa (Kali is Hindu Goddess and Maa means mother) and lord Shiva. They use this to cure the disease from the body.


Some say it’s a tedious task to get through the elimination phase of being an Aghori, but fewer people know that it’s a personal choice. When the mind and heart are aligned in a single sight, the power of an aghori Indian guru is versatile enough to infuse life or to take away breath. Same is the case with being in any of the faith sects in any religion, which is considered extreme by others but enjoyed to the core by practitioners.  Another sect of the same line is Naga Sadhu, who are known for naga sadhu miracles which can change one’s life towards betterment.


Why filming Aghoris can turn into a challenge?

Filming Aghoris and the Naked Sadhus of India (6)

People claim aghoris were heirs of Lord Dattatreya and was used to worship lord Shiva. Making an aghori documentary can cost you your life too, as they are very secretive about their Shakti (Power) attainment and knowledge. Moksha (Liberation) from the Tamasic and Rajasic Guna, or commonly known as societal and family-associated liking and love towards them are amongst the first thing they leave as they get trained to attain aghori sadhus power.


Their way to become an Aghori

Filming Aghoris and the Naked Sadhus of India (1)

They are stated to be next to god as they achieve the Aghora stature, but their way to that position is filled with hardships and constant roadblocks. They don’t allow female sadhus to take participation as the rules are tough enough to be followed by them. This may also be one of the major reasons why there needed to be introverted and self-centered to focus more on the meditation and worship of their deity.


Aghor sadhana contains some mandatory practices, which are considered objectionable as per Indian society standards. They include cannibalism, devouring human flesh, performing rituals and offerings at the graveyard, and involvement in certain post-mortem processes.


These are criticized by normal people to be cruel, and anti-human, against humanity standards. This compels them to practice their customs safely and in private places making their case quite intriguing for production houses in India. Though they are worshipped after attaining the final stage and are welcome in every temple or pilgrim place throughout.


Naga Sadhu’s of India

Filming Aghoris and the Naked Sadhus of India

As the name Naga derives from Sanskrit, it refers to people residing on or around mountains they are also known for safeguarding the Hinduism from invaders of foreign countries.


Naga Babas and Naga Sadhus are present in a huge number in India due to the respect of their purity and holiness. They depict positiveness and use their energy towards improving the life of others. We do have Naga Sadhvis who have a separate Akhada and promote equality for human betterment.


Current stature in modern India

Filming Aghoris and the Naked Sadhus of India (3)

Due to their relatable state to Bhairava and Rudra, the two most ardent and harsh/loud forms of Shiva, people do worship them out of fear/respect. With a further clear insight into their practices and customs, people are now starting to respect them.


They often wait to witness their presence at certain Indian pilgrimage hotspots which are good location for filming in India like Aghori baba in Varanasi, Allahabad, Haridwar, Kumbh Mela, kamakhya among other places. This indeed helped to clear the cloudy presence they had in the past years. Nowadays, they are an inspiration for how the ardent devotees of any deity have the will to leave everything just to attain eternal internal peace.





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