Irresistible grandeur of vivacious Rajasthan that will leave you speechless

Irresistible grandeur of vivacious Rajasthan that will leave you speechless

Irresistible Grandeur of Vivacious Rajasthan That Will Leave You Speechless - Filming Indo

Do you ever wonder how it is to live in a deserted land with hardly any amenities is? Are you curious about the culture in Rajasthan? Would you like to discover an authentic Rajasthani experience that is way beyond palaces and castle and that has more colours than one can name? You can witness the ‘Rajasthani Magic’ that drips in the form of art and crafts in every nook and corner here.

The folk and tribal arts of this monochromatic land are simple, yet they speak volumes about the rich heritage of India. Rajasthani Tribal artisans are known for their craftsmanship, and fine art and thus, arts and crafts of these tribes inspire many documentary filmmakers in India.

If you wish to visit Rajasthan for documenting the lives of these tribes and capture their art form line producers in Rajasthan can assist you. Here are tribes that will win your hearts in all the ways possible:

Bhil Tribe

Bhil Tribe- fixer and line producer - filming indo Rajasthan

Bhil Tribes, who mainly reside in Udaipur, Dungarpur, and Chittorgarh, make 39% of the tribal population in Rajasthan. In their stunning paintings, they bring to life the natural phenomena of nature such as changing seasons, rising sun, moon, animals, trees, rivers, and even mythological figures.

They use neem sticks and other twigs along with herbal colours and vegetable dyes or colors made from Kumkum, Haldi, Kajal, Rice, Mehendi, to paint the clay walls of their village homes. Bhil paintings are made of large shapes of characters that are filled in with uniform dots in different patterns and colours. The dot patterns are the artist’s signature styles that set them apart. These natural colours and dots of Bhils derive fascinating paintings that can leave anyone mesmerized.

If you desire to experience the Bhil art in its pure form, then you must enter the house of the Bhil artisans themselves. Fixers in Udaipur and fixers in Jaipur can make this possible for you.

Meena Tribe

Meena Tribe- fixer and line producer - filming indo Rajasthan

Meena is another tribal group in Rajasthan spread over various regions in the state. For centuries the women of the Meena tribe have been passing a remarkable craft known as Mandana paintings to their daughters.

They use a white paste that is made of rice and milk to paint motifs of birds and animals with their young on mud surfaces of their homes. You will also find the breath-taking photographs filled with vibrant full-colours that represent a glimpse of the lives of these extraordinary Meena artists.

Rabari Tribe

Meena Tribe- fixer and line producer - filming indo Rajasthan india

Stunning silver jewellery distinguishes the nomadic Rabari tribe that moves between various regions of Rajasthan like Sirohi and Udaipur. Their demure look and the colourful exuberance of the costumes amidst the deserted lands are finely balanced with layers of silver that adds grace in their entire persona.

The women of Rabari tribe exude radical beauty with astounding designs of silver ornaments adorning their bodies.  This ethnic tribal community embellish jewellery to distinguish themselves from the other tribe. But silver jewellery is not just a piece of decorative for these tribes, it is their identity as well as investment, and above all, it is an ancient and unique craft. If you desire to see these nomadic tribes making the finest of silver jewellery, then fixers in Udaipur can guide you.

Bishnoi Tribe

Bishnoi Tribe Jodhpur Rajasthan- fixer and line producer in India

Bishnoi’s, who live in western Rajasthan, also known as the conservators of plant and animal life, have a strong artistic background. Their Terracotta pottery, ceramic work, durry, or carpet that is made using thick colourful strands, block painting that can turn an ordinary cloth into an unusual art piece are exceptional.

Bishnoi art form is so calm and soothing that it brings nothing but glee to one’s heart. Beautifully painted chest huts surrounding the dessert makes the Bishnoi’s village in Jodhpur as one of the prime locations for filming in India.

Transform the true colours of Rajasthan into a treasured cinema   

Today, we’re getting to see much more of the tribal art in the mainstream. These artists are now recognized even internationally. Still, this tribal art form is so rooted that it never gets rid of the honesty of its depictions despite all the recognition it has achieved. Capturing the lives and art form of these tribes into an audio-visual form brings a true creative satisfaction to documentary makers who desire to impress the audiences.

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