Jaipur the Hub of Handicraft products in India

Jaipur the Hub of Handicraft products in India

jaipur handicraft hub india

Jaipur is very familiar with the term handicraft, even we can say synonym of the handicraft. The large selection of handicrafts and a manner in which the artists have created wonderful designs fascinate people. it is also known as the Treasure Trove of India as no one ever goes empty handed from there. If you are looking for filming in India, Rajasthan the destination of handicrafts is a land to be explored. For this you need a fixer in Rajasthan, India that ensures low-cost logistical support for video production in India.


For the individuals who appreciate handicraft shopping, Jaipur city is the best place for them. Remarkable handiworks of the beautiful city of Jaipur make us proud of its iconic and magnificent historical art and crafts, which are popular all over the world.



jaipur blue pottery

Of almost all the rulers of Jaipur have been the admirers of arts , literature and crafts. The renowned artists, artisans, craftsmen and sculptures were invited from India and out of India. This made Jaipur a major hub for art and craft.


Many Handmade items present in Jaipur city are beautiful and absolutely suited for an every form of environment. You can find many different kinds of handicrafts, jewellery, fabrics and even carpets here. Jaipur denotes the rich and vibrant quality of life and tradition.


Significant crafts of Jaipur included block printing, bandhani, sculptures and stone carving. Zari work, tarkashi, zardozi work and gota patti work are done on clothing. Jewellery and gems included the work of silver, kundan and Meenakari. Throughout the pieces of art and craft, blue pottery, ivory carving, patwa craft, miniature paintings, leather wares, etc. were made.


The glazed blue pottery of Jaipur, is an influence from Persian art is really admired. The blue-coloured pottery style consists of mugs, bowls, ornamental objects, jugs, pots etc. the Jaipur city also excels in its selection of marble pieces and the exquisite marble carvings. Blue pottery and marble carvings are the most popular purchases made by tourists in town markets.



Jaipur handicraft seller

India is one of the world’s leading suppliers of crafts. Indian handicrafts industry is majorly a labor intensive cottage industry & it is localized, being scattered all over the country in rural and urban areas. Numerous craftsmen are engaged in part-time work.


The sector provides employment to over six million artisans that have included a large number of women and people belonging to the weaker sections of the society. The industry is a source of employment for a wide gamut of craft persons in rural & semi urban areas. The Industry generates substantial foreign exchange by exporting of its products across the world, while sustaining its cultural heritage. Handicrafts have tremendous promise, as they hold the key for maintaining not only the current collection of millions of artisans distributed over length and breadth of the world, but also for the increasingly large number of new entrants in the crafts sector. Presently, handicrafts contribute significantly to employment creation and exports.



Jaipur handicraft artist india

The Handicrafts Industry plays a major & important role in the country’s economy. The Handicraft sector has, however, suffered due to its being unorganized, with the additional constraints of lack of employment, low resources, and weak access to emerging technology, absence of business knowledge, and a weak institutional structure. In spite of these limitations, sector has seen a strong growth of 3 percent annually.


Handicraft Industry is economically significant from the point of low capital spending. The Industry has a high ratio of value added products, and high potential for export and foreign exchange earnings for the country.



The handicraft industry in India has a history from several centuries. The industry has suffered during the British rule. Since attaining democracy, The Government started to take action to revitalize the handicraft Industry. It set up all India organizations for the development of the industry. At the State level too, there are institutions like Handicraft Apex Society, Handicraft Development Corporation and Artisans Development Corporation to look after the overall growth of handicraft industry.


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