Line producers – Just how important are they in documentary and film Production?

Line producers – Just how important are they in documentary and film Production?

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A motion picture is the artwork of a whole troupe of people. The team that goes behind every motion picture is just represented by the actors as the face of the film. Just as how every household has the main person in charge, the budget in charge, etc. the film industry also has certain important roles to be performed. Some of the more well-known roles are directors, producers, cameramen, and stunt artists. Among these unsung heroes are another very important group of people called the line producers.

Who are Line Producers?

Line producers are among the very first people to be employed to work on a motion picture. Typically, he/she is in charge of the budgeting of the film. They take care of the costs involved in the production of the film. They are employed by the directors and the executive producers. Unlike producers, a line producer works on the field. This allows them to, therefore work on only one film at a time, unlike executive producers who produce various films at the same time. As mentioned above, they have work on the field at shooting spots. Therefore, having a local line producer will be more helpful for the project. A local line producer can understand the needs and will be able to procure the necessary materials very easily since he/she knows the lay of the land in their city.

Importance of Line Producers

These days, line production has become a company by itself – i.e. like production houses in India, there are line production houses in different cities of India. Filming Indo Company is one of the well-known and best line producers in New Delhi. Line production is not just for big-scale movie films. This is an integral part of documentaries and short films as well. One of the very well-known and established line producers in Delhi who works pan India is Filming Indo, They have projects ranging from documentaries to music videos across the country from Delhi to Tamil Nadu.

Line Producers in Delhi

Although India as a country encourages and supports film culture everywhere when it comes to shooting and securing permissions from different authorities in India becomes a problem. Even in certain cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai, where it is supposedly easy to shoot, directors face lots of difficulties. Recently Delhi, which has always been considered the most film-friendly city, lost that position to UP. The reasons listed were that there were huge permission issues and a lack of proper streamlining of the process of securing permissions especially from certain places like the airports. Line producers in Delhi have met with different agencies in Delhi to streamline this process of getting film permissions and have also collaborated with the Delhi tourism department. The movement to promote Delhi’s environment and certain exquisite shooting spots have been made critical with production houses, agencies and state government departments working to achieve the same.

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