The Word Ram Means the Light Inside You | Ram Navami Festival in India

The Word Ram Means the Light Inside You | Ram Navami Festival in India

The Word Ram Means the Light Inside You - Filming Indo




The festival of Ram Navami is being celebrated across the country on 2nd April in year the 2020. The festival is celebrated with huge enthusiasm and devotion across the country. Not only in India but in every corner of the earth, wherever Hindus are, they celebrate this religious festival with full devotion.


It is believed that on this day of Ram Navami, Maryada Purushottam (Most dignified man) Lord Ram was born as the creator of the world, Lord Hari Vishnu. According to Hindu beliefs, Lord Rama established the religion by killing Lankapati Ravana.


Many special religious programs and ceremonies are usually organized in temples on the day of Ram Navami, but at this time, in view of corona virus and lockdown in India, all religious places are closed and people are worshiping in their homes.


Lord Vishnu had incarnated in every age to destroy iniquity and establish religion. One of these incarnations was of Lord Ram. Many books have been written worldwide on the character of lord Ram. The oldest book written on the character of lord Ram is considered to be Valmiki ‘Ramayana’. Those who are really interested to know to core of Hinduism and Indian culture must read this epic.


In the countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Australia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand etc., Lord Ram and Sita have special influence. People there; find themselves near Lord Rama in one form or the other.


According to Indian age calculation, Lord Ram was born in 7560 BC i.e. 9500 years ago. Great invaders arrived in India but Lord Ram could not be eliminated from this country. The biggest reason for this is that Lord Ram sits in the minds of the people of this country. If one looks at the character of Lord Rama even as a normal king then it is exemplary.


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