Top 5 Indian Startups Rescuing Nation from Coronvirus with their Ideas

Top 5 Indian Startups Rescuing Nation from Coronvirus with their Ideas

Top 5 Indian Startups Rescuing Nation from Coronvirus with their Ideas - Filming Indo




In a population of 1.38 billion Indians, there are enough innovative minds hungry to baffle the world with their creative ideas to change the world. With these young minds, India is rapidly growing in path to be global startup epicenter. If you look the fact that these startups growing from 3100 in 2014 to 11,500 by 2020, how startups are culture is rising in India. India being a global startup hub has always come at the time, when nation needs it. At the time of Coronavirus pandemic, Indian startups are coming up with innovative ideas to deal with virus in the nation and protect its citizen.


Here, I will share you few emerging Indian Startups, where entrepreneurs are considering data from Chinese Covid19 experience to craft new technologies and other interesting techniques to curb the spread of deadly virus which is growing in number across India.


1. Uses drone to disinfect streets and buildings

As we may all know, during lockdown government has initiated only supply of essentials goods and services. There is extreme burden and huge responsibility on healthcare workers, sanitation workers, paramedics, doctors and nurses etc who are always in radar of the virus and can be easily exposed.

A 4-year old agri based startup from Chennai, Tamil Nadu known as Garuda Aerpspace has designed and crafted drones to work as a sprayer at public places, hospitals, on the street, metro stations, building, shops etc. The startup claims that drones can load 15-20 litres of disinfectants at once. The technology will extremely minimize the risk of workers in sanitation field. The startup has already stocked 300 drones; however they need more drone and pilot. Other state governments are already approaching them for assistance.


2. Quarantine Application tracking patients tested positive

The Quarantine App is still in the process of development by a group of entrepreneurs’ called to be Founders against COVID. The entrepreneurs states that the App will track Covid19 positive patients who are already quarantined by the health workers and doctors. The technology may severely help locals to ensure not to enter into risky locations. The App is expected to come soon which is yet in process of deliberation with Government authorities with regard to funding and data privacy.


3. Thermal camera detects body temperature above 37 degree in crowd

A Gurugram, Haryana located Artificial Intelligence Starts named to be Staqu has designed a Thermal Camera sensor which alerts the system when it founds people with beyond normal human body temperature which 37 degree celcius.

The Startup Company claims that the technology senses the heat with a range upto 100 meters and recognizes the suspected people with high temperature. The technology may assist health workers at Airports, Railway Stations, Hospitals and markets.


4. Antimicrobial surface protection shields

An automobile startup named to be Droom has innovated an antimicrobial surface shield which is also called to be CORONA SHIELD can protect cars and bikes against harmful microbes. The startup claims that on the CORONA SHIELD any microorganisms i.e bacteria, yeast, mold etc may knot grow.

As we all know that Coronavirus is physically contagious, where bacteria may pass on via frequently touched places.  


5. Covid-19 Focused Microbiome test to alert you against any low immune

A Bengaluru, Karnataka based Startup founded in 2019 named to be Bione is pioneering startup in Healthcare industry. The Startup has launched an innovative kit named to be Longevity Plus Kit. The company claims that the kid provides important information with regard to susceptibility of people to viruses like Covid-19, HIV, Heptitis etc. The Startup states that the kit test analysis is based upon the person’s genetic structure.

This sounds to be a next level of innovation. The test kit uses artificial intelligence and shares evidences to individuals that how that person can build strong microbiome and can work on particular immunity system to fight against deadly virus.

However, the kit has not been tested on Covid-19 infected patients. It is still in process phase.  


The numbers of Covid-19 in India is yet less as compare to other countries like China, Italy, US and Germany. But the number of patients is increasing day by day. Indian startups have to tighten their belt and prove themselves by innovating more ideas and helping the humankind to survive in times of civilizations’ greatest fights for existence.


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