Transgender brings rain in India dancing in Bhujriya Fair

Transgender brings rain in India dancing in Bhujriya Fair

Transgender brings rain in India dancing in Bhujriya Fair - filming indo blog




Bhujriya literally means process of planting crops. The festival of Bhujriya is celebrated across India with huge enthusiasm and thrill. As per the tradition, the dry filtered mud, cow dung ashes, some parts of buffalo dung is mixed in certain ration and laid on the earthen pot. Then wheat or barley seeds are put in the mud and pour some fresh water, at the end the pot is kept in darkness so that the Bhujriya grows yellowish not green. As per the tradition, the numbers of Bhujriya depends on the numbers of girls in the family. The pot is then unseen until Purnima.

The better Bhujriya, The better Crops in the Season

After 15 days, the long and fresh plants started showing their face from the earthen pot. It is also said that it is more auspicious if the Bhujriya grown looks long and yellowish and golden in color. This is direct symbolizing that your original crops in the field will be also very good. On the day of festival, the women basically are dressed in beautiful attires & jewelleries and take out a prosession on the street with their Bhujriya. The march is led by the bands and songs and the women rock the street with traditional dance. The procession is carried up to a pond or river nearby and the then women put their Bhujriya there.


Bhujriya festival of Transgender

Another interesting story from the capital of Madhya Pradesh is related to Transgender (also known as Kinnar in India). There is a very old story relates them to this festival. A long time back, there was a extream draught in the empire of one of the rulers in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. During that time, transgender community visited various temples and mosques praying extensively for the rains and celebrated Bhujriya occasion. Their prayers were heard by God and that moment, the region received enough rains for the crops.

The tradition has continued till then and transgender from different parts of India gather there on this occasion each year to pray, worship, participate in the Bhujriya procession and dance. This festival is not limited to only this region, but also has spread in across Madhya Pradesh.


Visited by beautiful transgender from India

Transgender Nanu Viswas and Kaynat Ali brings rain in India dancing in Bhujriya Fair - filming indo blog 1

From last few years, it has been witnessed that several acclaimed and renowned names like Nanu Viswas and Kaynat Ali in the transgender community are also visiting at the fair. After their presence, the fair becomes more important for the local society and the region.



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