fixer in thailand FILMING INDI
By admin / July 10, 2023

Filming Indo: Your Trusted Fixer for Shooting in Thailand

Thailand's breathtaking landscapes, vibrant culture and diverse locations have made it a popular destination for filmmakers from around the world....

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India's Sugar-Based Biofuel Strategy
By admin / June 7, 2023

The Pitfalls of India’s Sugar-Based Biofuel Strategy: More Problems Than Solutions

In recent years, India has been actively exploring alternative energy sources to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and mitigate...

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Kodaikanal Mercury Poisoning
By admin / June 7, 2023

Environmental Crisis in Kodaikanal: The Perils of Mercury Dumping

Kodaikanal, a serene hill station nestled in the Palani Hills of Tamil Nadu, India, is renowned for its natural beauty...

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Children-in-beedi-work India
By admin / June 6, 2023

Beedi Rolling: The Heartbreaking Theft of Childhood from Rural Bengal’s Girls

In the remote corners of Bengal, there exists a distressing reality that steals away the innocence and joy of young...

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fixer and line producer in Bangalore Karnataka
By admin / May 30, 2023

Filming in Bengaluru, Karnataka: Unlocking Opportunities with FILMING INDO – Fixer & Line Producer

Are you an international filmmaker looking for a vibrant and diverse filming location? Look no further than Bengaluru, Karnataka! FILMING...

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Junk - Armadi Pieni: India
By admin / May 23, 2023

Unveiling the Dark Side of Fashion: Exploring SKY ITALIA’s Documentary ‘JUNK – Armadi Pieni’ by Filming Indo

The world of fashion is synonymous with style, glamour, and creativity. However, there is a hidden cost behind the glitz...

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tall building in delhi gurgaon noida
By admin / April 17, 2023

10 Biggest Towers in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida – A Guide to the Tallest Towers

Delhi NCR, which stands for the National Capital Region, is a sprawling metropolitan area that encompasses the national capital of...

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Dwars Door India shooting in Varanasi stuk tv thomas ruben
By admin / April 8, 2023

FILMING INDO – Best Media Fixer in Varanasi for Hassle-Free Production

In the world of media and film production, having a good fixer on the ground can make all the difference....

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film shooting at Taj Mahal 3
By admin / April 8, 2023

The challenges and rewards of filming in India

India is a country of diverse cultures, traditions, history, art, food and languages. Its vast and varied landscape offers a...

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