How International media referring Public Curfew in India?

How International media referring Public Curfew in India?

road in India during janata curfew on 22nd march 2020

The motion of Janata curfew had been seen pan India on the sincere appeal of the Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. The nation took part in the Janata curfew and made this curfew a success. In endorsement of the people fighting the Corona virus, the Indian public played applause and thalis at exactly 5 pm. Janata curfew was also mentioned in the International media like Al Jazeera and The Don’s etc.

Let us tell you what foreign media wrote about the public curfew held in India on 22nd March, 2020…

Al Jazeera’s Headline

The city was deserted on the day of public curfew. The people of the country did not take to the streets, supporting the Prime Minister’s appeal. Roads in metros like New Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata became vacant.

The don’s headline

Pakistan newspaper The Dawn wrote that on the appeal of Prime Minister Modi, millions of Indians lived inside homes. The public curfew was voluntary and there was no ban on people coming out but Modi’s appeal made the crowd disappear from the streets here.

Headline of the guardian

The British newspaper The Guardian wrote that on the Prime Minister’s appeal, a population of 1.3 billion did not move out of homes to prevent the infection of Corona. Following the curfew, many states have announced a long-term lockdown.

Russia Today’s Headline

The Russian media body wrote that a 14-hour voluntary curfew was imposed to fight Corona and spread awareness. The curfew also tested people’s social isolation and preparedness to live in the quarantine.

BBC headline

The London Media Institute BBC wrote that more than a billion people in the country followed the Janata curfew for 14 hours on Sunday. On the appeal of Prime Minister Modi, all the people cooperated in fighting the corona virus.

United Nation’s tweet

United Nation also tweeted about the Janata curfew. The United Nations tweeted that the country’s 1.2 billion population expressed gratitude for its silent hero. We salute the Corona warriors who have stood firm to fight this epidemic.


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