Media friends be cautious, follow these methods to avoid corona virus

Media friends be cautious, follow these methods to avoid corona virus

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The media, which is considered the fourth pillar of democracy, is constantly working in the time of Corona virus crisis along with doctors and medical staff. At this time of Corona virus crisis, work pressure has also increased on the media persons. In the time of such crisis, the reporter and other media persons have to work with more responsibility, so that the right information can be reached to the people.


Along with this, in this era of social media, there is an increased responsibility to protect common people from false or false information.

Even during the Janata curfew on Sunday, journalists are continuously working from their offices and fields. Mediamen have to visit many places along with meeting people. This increases the possibility of their corona becoming vulnerable.


Realizing the seriousness of the situation, the Global Investigation Journalism Network has issued guidelines for journalists.

Guidelines issued for media institutions

  1. Work from home option for non-essential employees.
  2. Cancel the studio discussion until the situation improves.
  3. Interact with guests via Skype and Live View app.
  4. Introduce mobile journalism where necessary.
  5. Protect your family, use sanitizer before entering your home.
  6. If you are interviewing someone who is suffering from corona then use skype for this. It is not right to meet that person himself.
  7. Avoid using public transport and use personal vehicles.
  8. Go with a mask in the crowd.
  9. If you have any symptoms like fever, headache, inform the management immediately and seek medical help.
  10. Repeatedly clean the premises including all public areas, newsrooms, production control rooms, server rooms, studios, corridors, lounges, canteens, receptions and toilets.
  11. Provide separate gates for entry and exit.
  12. Make a temperature check mandatory before entering the building.
  13. The presence of employees in the office premises with cold, cough, fever and other symptoms should be zero.
  14. Provide a mask for employees interacting with the public (guards, receptionists, etc.).
  15. Arrange the sanitizer at the entry and exit points. Make it mandatory for anyone entering the campus.
  16. Use zoom, video conferencing and other techniques for official conversations and meetings.
  17. Create social distance and maximum distance between employees as per the guidelines of Ministry of Health / WHO.

My dear media friends please follow above instruction and be safe and careful during tough times.