Are we going to learn from 2020? To Survive and Live

Are we going to learn from 2020? To Survive and Live

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Writer Gulzar’s dialogue in the Bollywood film ‘Anand’ was a huge hit. The film was such that no sensitive audience could stop their tears. 2020 has brought this 40 years old dialogue back. It has been a historic year that has taught us a lot, especially those truths of life and the truth of the lost or commercial sensation that was lost in these forty years by the terror named Corona. Earlier, we used to get restless with the feeling of passing our loved ones, but now death comes as a general news and passes in an instant. Many such moments were seen this year when even the passing of a lot of loved ones forced you to do nothing more than just an instant oops. The Corona period strengthened us from within and tried to tell that brother, if you have to protect yourself properly, then leave the rest of the worries. There is only you here and no one else. Learn to live for yourself or to the extent of your family. Now such songs have no meaning that ‘live for yourself, what do you live, you live for your heart’.


happy new year 2021 corona blog film industry IndiaIn any way, marketism had strangled the senses, reduced the importance of relationship lines, made everyone a ‘separatist’ and largely insensitive. Have we ever wondered what we have lost by saying that we should learn from 2020, where did we bring ourselves and how much fear has weakened by an unintentional, fear of superstition? Already we were no less superstitious, doubt and apprehension were part of human instincts, but this fear of death did not make us so isolated, lonely and timid. When there was no death. This is the way of nature that has come, it will go. You get lakhs treated, get vaccinated, lock yourself in the glass room.. When you have to go, you have to go. Then how can this ‘social animal’ be ‘anti-social’?


happy new year 2021 corona blog film industry bihar election crowdPerhaps this is the reason why the election meetings are crowded, religious events are crowded, markets are crowded, roads are jammed, Diwali shopping is crowded, tourist places are crowded, farmers are crowded, Bengal is crowded, Bihar Is crowded and there is crowd everywhere. Corona Maharaj (King of the kings) is also thinking that it is better to stay away from the crowd in this crowd. The health department is giving statistics on the statistics, counting is being done percentage by percentage and now let’s also start this vaccine game. Big news is going on and all kinds of dreams are being shown about the vaccine. Looks like an angel has come, he swings the stick and touches the corona. The Prime Minister is saying that brother, stay away from the spreaders of rumors. In this country, rumors spread very fast, first spread about Corona, now it will spread about vaccine too, so stay away. Let people say what they want to say, believe what we are saying.


Obviously, the Corona era has changed the color of our Prime Minister. He has become complete Baba (Saint). He is also liking the new getup. The farmers are understandably upset, they have been playing the same melody for months. Farmers are also cool. The movement goes on like a picnic. Song music, modern tent city, shopping malls, excellent food and drink. The Gurudwaras have opened their hearts ‘Vahe Guru Ji’s Khalsa, Vahe Guru Ji’s victory’. In Vigyan Bhawan, some VIP farmers are taking lunch with the Ministers, taking selfies. Have you ever seen such an interesting movement? This is also awesome for 2020.


The ten months of 2020 have been amazing. Your entire lifestyle has changed. Masks become part of your life and dress. One to one designer masks. All forms of sanitizer came on the market. If you go to the offices, it is like a rain of the sanitizer like a flower waterfall from the archway. Large plants were set up. Corona gave a lot of work to all the NGOs. Less people started working in offices. Extravagance over


5G cleared the way in one stroke. It seems that the whole world has become digital and virtual. By the way, WhatsApp and Facebook had already indicated that now is the time for the virtual world. But 2020 made everyone’s silver in one stroke. Even if you cannot be digital, then you are the top boss. Old-minded people still consider it to be a conspiracy and a conspiracy to cut it off from each other, but perhaps this is what 21st century India is. And now in 2021, see what else is new. The crop of land that has been prepared by 2020 will be shaken in 2021 and you will see a new unique world taking shape. So welcome 2021 with new expectations.


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