Beypore – A place for making URU wooden boats in India

Beypore – A place for making URU wooden boats in India

Beypore – A place for making URU wooden boats in India - filming indo

Be it the ease with which you would find a fixer in India or the low cost of logistics support or the beauty of India as a manufacturer of all classic things, India has always been a place to rely upon. Since India has been a country where numerous rivers flow, the question of enjoying the beauty of India going in a boat always arises. There are different kinds of boats that are used for such purposes like

  • Fishing Boats.
  • Gondola
  • Hovercrafts
  • Inflatable Boats.
  • Jet Ski


Another kind of boat is called URU wooden boat. It is also known as “Fat Boat”. It is a huge Dhow-type wooden boats made by asharis in Beypore, a town south of Kozhikode, Kerala, in the southwestern shoreline of India. This kind of boat has been utilized by the Arabs since old occasions as exchanging vessels, and even now, urus are being produced and sent out to Arab countries from Beypore. These boats used to be worked of a few kinds of wood, the fundamental one being teak. The teak was taken from Nilambur woodlands in prior occasions, however now imported Malaysian teak is utilized. Two or three vessel building yards can in any case be found close to the Beypore port.

Beypore fat boat – A place for making URU wooden boats in India - filming indo 5

History of Urus Making in Beypore

History of Urus Making in Beypore – A place for making URU wooden boats in India - filming indo 1

The specialty of Uru making in Beypore, on the northern bank of Kerala, is as old as the beginnings of India’s sea trade with Mesopotamia. Seemingly the greatest craftsmanship on the planet, the Uru, as the wooden dhow is called, associates this languid town on the edges of Kozhikode to the prime of the zest exchange.

Uproarious crashes of experts’ instruments on timber from the Uru-creating yards and rather unassuming sheds welcome the guest to the islands dabbing the Chaliyar stream which have kept the one of a kind custom alive for longer than a thousand years. The sound, just as the custom, endemic to the district, has endure the onslaught of modernity.


Speciality of Beypore Urus

Speciality of Beypore Urus – A place for making URU wooden boats in India - filming indo 4

Beypore urus are absolutely made of wood, without utilizing any advanced systems, and conventional strategies are utilized to dispatch this boat into the water. The woodworkers physically join each bit of wood to assemble the enormous boat. Indeed, even in Mangaluru they make dhows, however they utilize metal sheets. Those yachts will last just for a long time and the expense of making them is likewise less.


Be that as it may, the urus made there will keep going for three or four ages, so the expense is also high. They utilize simply the best teak wood. Jackfruit tree and rosewood are utilized in structuring the insides. For Al Rahi they have utilized in excess of 15,000 cubic feet of wood according to the sources.


Mopla Khalasis

Mopla Khalasis in Beypore – A place for making URU wooden boats in India - filming indo 6

Mopla Khalasis are an unavoidable story of Uru making in Beypore. They are a lot of customary dockyard laborers who can even ‘lift mountains’ utilizing their conventional pulley-iron rope.


Truly, that is the thing that individuals state about them – that they can lift mountains. They utilize a few materials called thovar (a winch that is worked physically), uruls (round wooden logs), hard wooden logs, pulley and iron rope. They can’t be beaten by any advanced machines. They effectively lift anything from anyplace utilizing these materials.


Thus, we can confidently say that the pride of Beypore is the Urus. These are the boats that have emerged as the winners of many battles as well as the conqueror of the sea.


Author: Simran Grover





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