Bizarre Indian Village, Where People Only Speak the Sanskrit Language

Bizarre Indian Village, Where People Only Speak the Sanskrit Language

Bizarre Indian Village, Where People Only Speak the Sanskrit Language

Sanskrit is one of the oldest languages which exists in India. It is Sanskrit from which Hindi originated which we speak today and even many other languages have originated from it. With the prominence of Hindi, Sanskrit has become almost confined to the old scriptures and readings. But there are still some parts of the country that still speak Sanskrit. One of them Bizarre Indian Village is Mattur, where people only speak Sanskrit. 


Mattur is a village in Karnataka that comes under the Shimoga district. Here all the people speak Sanskrit very eloquently. Sanskar Bharti is a school in the village that teaches Sanskrit to around 5000 people. According to them, it is an attempt to save the language from modernization. 

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Here people at the age of 10 start learning the language. Kannada is the general language but Sanskrit is also used for day-to-day communication. Many Sanskrit phrases can be heard in daily conversations. Bizarre Indian Village Mattur has also taken the credit for giving Sanskrit professors across the state. One can reach Mattur through many ways. There is a railway station in Shimoga, from there one can take a bus to reach Mattur. One can also take auto rickshaws from Shimoga to Mattur.


The village also has a rich cultural heritage, with a strong tradition of Vedic learning and practice. Many residents of the village are proficient in the recitation of Vedic hymns and have a deep understanding of the philosophy behind them. The village also has a number of institutions and organizations that are dedicated to the study and promotion of Sanskrit language, literature, and culture.


In addition to its linguistic and cultural heritage, Mattur is also known for its traditional way of life. The village is home to a number of agricultural and artisanal communities, who continue to practice traditional methods of farming and craftsmanship. The village also has a strong sense of community, with a number of festivals and ceremonies that are celebrated throughout the year.


Overall, Mattur is a village with a rich and unique cultural heritage, which is well worth a visit for anyone interested in learning about ancient India and its traditions.





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