Corona and Lockdown-3: Difficult times for the film industry in India

Corona and Lockdown-3: Difficult times for the film industry in India

Corona and Lockdown-3: Difficult times for the film industry in India

The film and television industry, a dream world filled with glamor, glitter and glitter, where every Indian shapes his dream. Heroes shown in movies and TV are much larger than real world heroes for people. People want to imitate their speech, fashion, living and everything.


It is not an exaggeration if it is said that among the things which have the greatest impact on the Indian public, cinema and TV are also one. Rather some people even say that there are only two Gods in India, cinema and cricket. But are they aware of the reality behind this blinding?


Corona and Lockdown-3 Difficult times for the film industry in IndiaMore than 90% of the film industry is counted in the unorganized sector, even after so many years of independence and flourishing. That is, more than 90% of its workers are people working on daily allowances. They have no place for tomorrow. The day the shooting stopped, the income stopped. No pension, no provident fund, nor copyright, nothing. No one knows which day you are working and on which day your earnings will stop.


The situation is the same from the biggest stars to the spot boys. Every man living in this field lives with a dark, uncertain future; Even if he sees the dream moon stars. At the moment when there is a lockdown in the entire country due to Corona, the situation of those working in the film and TV industry is getting worse day by day.


Today it has been more than 45 days when not even a single rupee has reached the pocket of any person associated with this industry.


How long can someone live without earning? How long can the producer also give salary to people without earning? Our unions and some big artists, producers and all able people have come forward to help.


Everyone is doing their best to ensure that not a single worker of the film industry sleeps, but is it possible to extend this help to everyone indefinitely? Of course not. And an even bigger problem is that although the lockdown is slowly opening now, the chances of a reopening of the film industry are not visible far and wide.


This work is such that it is almost impossible to be without congestion. At least 50 people in a unit come from different places, from different settlements, mostly slums. Their gathering in one place is to tear apart the social distancing. Therefore, their work is very unlikely to begin without the corona being completely finished. Cinema theaters are almost impossible to run without congestion, and after two or three months when the corona virus is almost eliminated, there will be so many films lined up for release that it will be difficult to get theater.


How hard the films made will have to be sold at throwaway prices. The restrictions on traveling from one place to another are not going to be so easily removed and without these restrictions it will be very difficult to complete shooting of incomplete films. People who watched serials every evening with great fervor would have forgotten their story after the lockdown ended. They will have to spend a lot of time in getting back their feet.


Due to the lockdown, when the goods are not being sold, the advertisements shown on TV are almost over, the earnings of the channels have also stopped, so it will be very difficult to say what will be the impact on the budget of the serials in the coming time.


Currently, there is only one platform connected to the entertainment world which is doing well and that is online platforms like Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. But the content that is on them is all old, it has been shot.


Preparing for new content and shooting is still a long way away. The same situation is with many other industries related to the film industry, magazines and online magazines related to it are also in a very pathetic state. Their means of earning are also drying up.


But some good things have also happened in such times, where TV and cinema are lagging behind, where online platforms are progressing four times a day. Doordarshan (public service broadcaster founded by the Government of India) has regained its place in the heart of the public.


Many serials like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Buniyaad and others like it have once again proved that the greatest virtue of the story is not its grandeur but simply its place in the heart of its audience.


It is also hoped that during this lockdown, the people who determine the fate of TV and films will also contemplate its declining quality and find new avenues for its uplift. Even the creative people associated with this field, who are stuck in the routine despite not wanting, will get an opportunity to think out of the routine and think of something new which will ultimately enrich our television.


Today the biggest support of the public locked in their homes during this lockdown, this entertainment industry is in a lot of pain, but it never lets its suffering be revealed to you. It always spreads happiness in your life even after enduring all its sorrows.


Makes you laugh, makes you cry, takes you away from this world of pain and pain to a dream world where you forget even the greatest tragedy of human history for a few moments.


It makes you aware of the truths of life in happiness and gives you the strength to fight against it in sorrow. It makes you excited, inspires, removes negativity and leads to positivity through its amazing stories.


Today the circumstances have made it fall on its knees, but the entertainment industry has its life and it can fight every trouble as long as it continues to support you. It will stand up again, will entertain you and will be your greatest companion in times of greatest crisis like today.






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