Coronavirus: Everything about Government’s ‘Arogya Setu’ Covid19 Tracker Application

Coronavirus: Everything about Government’s ‘Arogya Setu’ Covid19 Tracker Application

Coronavirus - Everything about Government’s ‘Arogya Setu’ Covid19 Tracker Application1

Coronavirus - Everything about Government’s ‘Arogya Setu’ Covid19 Tracker ApplicationHon’ble Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi in his address to the 1.35 billion Indian citizens on 14th April, 2020 morning entreated the countrymen to download ‘Aarogya Setu App’.


This app is designed to govern Corona Virus and make its record available to the overall public. This unique app can even assist in locating out about the corona positive people present nearby. After downloading, this app asks if you have cough, fever or trouble in breathing etc. If you do not have such a problem, then you will stay in a green zone.


This app asks to lets bluetooth and location on. This app keeps sending messages from nearby mobile phones with Bluetooth whenever you are in crowded places. When you are standing near someone and the person standing next to you is also a normal person with green zone, but if that person becomes corona positive for some reason after 10 days from now, then this app will provide you with a warming immediately.


Coronavirus - Everything about Government’s ‘Arogya Setu’ Covid19 Tracker Application2

In this sort of situation, you can get your inquiry ensured. This app even can inform you about hot spots, so that you change the way. The Ministry of Human Resource Development has launched this app. This app named ‘Arogya Setu’ is linked with Digital India for the health and welfare of every Indian. This app is in eleven languages ​​consisting of Hindi and English.


A senior Ministry legitimate said, “It will calculate it based on their interactions with others, using state-of-the-art Bluetooth technology, technology, device of algorithm to solve math questions and artificial intelligence.”


If the risk of corona virus increases in the country and the state, then in the coming days it may be made obligatory to download the Arogya Setu app. At the moment it is left at the will of the people. However, the police and administration are constantly appealing to the people to download this app and protect themselves from Corona. With this, in view of the danger in the coming days, the police will also keep this data with them that how many people have downloaded this app in the state. The Central Government is being approached for this.


Since its launch, more than one crore people have downloaded the Arogya Setu app in a few days. It can be downloaded on both Android and iPhone smartphones. The app is designed to be used on an all India basis. Its design is such that it is able to additionally take extra load.


You can also take vital medical advice from this app. Said that I am safe, we will have to adopt the formula of safe India. Everyone can participate in the fight with Corona by way of downloading the app on their mobile phones.






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