Coronavirus: Migrant Workers from Delhi-Mumbai increasing risk of virus in villages

Coronavirus: Migrant Workers from Delhi-Mumbai increasing risk of virus in villages

Coronavirus- Migrant Workers from Delhi-Mumbai increasing risk of virus in villages 2




In districts of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar states on the way of 1000 km, workers from outside increasing crisis among the villagers’. The workers are roaming around indiscriminately. These workers and labours coming back from urban towns Delhi-Mumbai to reach their village directly are growing identity panic in their village. The fear of Corona has already increased the panic among the people of UP and Bihar village. Thousands of migrant laborers reached the village after the closure of the work in big cities due to the lockdown.

Atmosphere of concern

Coronavirus- Migrant Workers from Delhi-Mumbai increasing risk of virus in villages

These migrant laborers returning to Bihar and UP by walk and some other means from metros like Mumbai and Delhi are being kept in quarantine centers after investigation by police, but the situation is expected to deteriorate due to many people fleeing these centers. As per the report, at various centers people fled away crossing boundaries and breaking away the gate without the fear of police and their life. They said that they are not getting proper facility of essentials things like clean water, food etc at those quarantine centers.

Cleaning will reduce encephalitis

People are losing their drinking habits due to non-opening of liquor shops. Young children are learning the meaning of cleanliness and holding hands. Family members have become closer. Diseases like encephalitis are already causing havoc in Uttar Pradesh. Thousands of children have lost their lives in UP in last four decades. Dirt, poverty and malnutrition are the main causes of encephalitis.

People from outside come to the village

Coronavirus- Migrant Workers from Delhi-Mumbai increasing risk of virus in villages 3

People in the village are taking it lightly. Vigilance is negligible there. Many people came from outside have not been investigated before, they are also roaming around. Most of them hide in their house without anyone informing about their arrival. Neither people from outside went for investigation, nor did the team of doctors come to the village. Positively in some villages of UP, the Govt schools has been kept for quarantine facility for these workers where these people are supporting the initiative.

Difficult to identify silent people

There are also people coming from buses or by other means were stopped at bus stops and they were sent to villages. All of them have been arranged to live with social distancing. After checking those coming from abroad, home quarantines are also pasting notices. It is difficult to know about the people who reach the village and those who come in contact with them.

Two people escaped from the Quarantine Center

A quarantine center has been built at Murari Inter College in Sahajanwa, about 20 km before Gorakhpur on NH-28, for those who returned from outside, but two of those who came here fled home in the night. 10 to 12 people living in this center are in panic. A laborer has a cough-fever but is not getting treatment.

More migration to UP and Bihar

It is expected that after the lockdown more migrant workers will leave Delhi, Mumbai and other big towns, as almost all the manufacturing units have been closed and are suffering with heavy loss. There is assumption that millions of workers would leave their job and are left with no option to return to their village. Even, it is expected that after lockdown finish, these workers would move around Bihar and UP for work and then it will be a big job for local administration to absorb them.







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