Fighting with Coronavirus in India: An Epidemic Festival

Fighting with Coronavirus in India: An Epidemic Festival

Fighting with Coronavirus in India - An Epidemic Festival 3

Indeed, India a nation of 1.35 billion is multicolored and festive. The diverse culture really turn every occasion into a festival. This time it was amazing. The epidemic has also turned into a celebration. Conch shells are being burnt, hour-gongs and manjirs are being played. The epidemic must also be suspicious of itself. The atmosphere of panic has been confined only to government announcements and to newspaper and television headlines. This is a period of compilation of new experiences.


The invisible virus did what no one could thought for years. People are spontaneously shut in their homes and there is no option. Even the flag-banner-slogans did not come out, nobody’s fist was stretched.


Fighting with Coronavirus in India - An Epidemic Festival

The Ramayana serial based on Hindu religious epic book is running on national television Doordarshan and Ramrajya (Rule of Lord Rama) has come to the city as a symbol. We have a lot of importance of symbols here, it is also arithmetic. All work is done in symbols. The real may fail, but the symbol is guaranteed to remain 100 percent. There is no question of raising a finger on it, because the symbol is a symbol… Yes, I was saying that Ramraj has arrived in the city.


The roads are sunny … the houses are being cleaned in a wild way. The atmosphere is absolutely pure. There is mask on the faces so that no bacteria gets inside the breath even after being forgotten. Charity is in its fifth house. People have learned seclusion. In 14 days, the stories of 14 years of exile are being heard with reverence. Except sporadic incidents of theft are also not happening.


Fighting with Coronavirus in India - An Epidemic Festival 4

The emphasis of donations in the city is, what is the donation that is not visible? Humanity is running from the main roads to street-porters. The silent slogan echoing the fluttering flags and banners is that no one can sleep. The takers and givers are drawn towards each other by recognizing each other’s smell. Demons and leaders of people are going round the streets. People are interested in distributing packets of Bread & vegetables etc. according to their own… Together there are supporters. They have also been made.


Despite the strictness of the lockdown, they are tweeting at the view of the city without beating. They all have responsibility. One’s job is to get the photo right and be printed in the newspapers so that the brothers are happy. The other’s job is to identify the poor and the needy and tell the brother. One’s job was to take the packet out of the box and place it in the hands of the brother.



Fighting with Coronavirus in India - An Epidemic Festival 2

In this way everyone’s work is divided. The police and officers are not far behind. They also insist that we should reach out to the poor, and this stubbornness is the reason for the gnawing of politicians and demons. On the occasion of flashing the name, there is also a lot of trick of watering. It is as if chess is being played on the chessboard of charity.


Leaving one or two days before lockdown has become poor. From vegetable to puri, there are roaming around the neck. The stomach is so full that there is no sleep in indigestion. Stomach upset. Medicine-hospitals are closed… are not able to walk outside due to lockdown to digest, so we have to wash hands repeatedly. In such a situation however, I was shocked while passing through the front of a hut. Actually there was probably an elderly voice inside. O God, show such days again and again.


The fridges of some poor people are also filled to the neck, but their faces and call have gone unnoticed … Did not put food grains on the mouth. When the officer was reprimanded from seniors, he came into action. There was a question of the respect, there was also doubt … Because the food is being sent every day, where is it going. The question is arising in Khaki’s (police) mind that who can eat so fast other than us. If raided, a new edition of poor was published.


Author: Vinod Purohit





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