Film shooting at Railway Stations and Trains in India

Film shooting at Railway Stations and Trains in India

film shooting at Indian Railway Station

The romance of Indian Railways has always drawn Bollywood and Hollywood directors to shoot their TVCM, Documentaries, and Feature Film. There are several memorable film scenes in trains and on railway platforms, which are remembered for long time. This train sequences give a heart-throbbing effect on movie lovers.
We would like to tell you that in financial year of 2015-16, 18 films were shot at several railway locations across India. There is huge demand of filming at Railway permission. However because of high price and complex processing of permission from Railway Authorities, very few film directors turned to shoot their sequences at Railway Properties.
With our experience, we would like to share that it sounds like a complex and time taking procedure, but if you follow their documents pattern, it will become easy. If you are really interested for filming at Railway location, then you have to first decide which Railway station will work best for you. It normally takes 20-30 days to get permission from Railway.


But to complete the documents you must start preparing two months prior. There are various documents required to avail permission. There is agreement, Indemnity Bond, Bank guarantee, Insurance, film script along with Application mentioning everything about the project like places where you will undertake shooting and timings. You also required getting Comprehensive Insurance on your Production Name. These documents required when you want to use Railway premises and not trains. Bank guarantee is refundable however there is license fee which is non refundable.
In case you require Trains for your shoot independently, then there is different case. License fee and insurance costing will increase. And you have to pay extra for getting train which is consists of four compartments, 1 SLR and 1 engine.

The license fee depends on your Railway station exist in which group. Metros like Delhi and Mumbai will be costly. During the shoot, a team of Railway Police Force is accompanied to ensure any damage and risk.
Now you must have got overall idea of filming at Indian Railway Station in India. Our highly skilled team make it easier for you take obtain permission on your behalf. There is huge RED TAPE in India. By making this issue in mind, we have some good connection the Railway officials to get Railway permission on time. You may contact us for asking any kind of help or permission related work. We will be happy to help you anytime. If you want to film shoot at Varanasi Railway station, we would be more delighted to get permission for you.

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