Five Must-Visit Locations for Filming in East India

Five Must-Visit Locations for Filming in East India

Five Must-Visit Locations for Filming in East India - Filming Indo fixer and line producer india

Be it the ease with which you would find a fixer in India or the low cost of logistics support, the case for India as a location for filming is already made. The country provides a very hospitable environment for film production and shooting in addition to a cheaper crew, world-class equipment rental, and great weather throughout the year.

If you are looking for a location for filming in India, eastern India is a land waiting to be discovered. Its culture is unique and offers colour and vibrancy to the region. Add to this, the natural heritage, architectural history, and its traditions, eastern India is a bonus package.

Here are five places in eastern India that you can consider for filmmaking:


  1. West Bengal

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West Bengal has a host of film shooting locations to offer. The city of Kolkata is the largest in this region and the third-largest in the country. Kolkata is a particular favourite among Bollywood for its art films and great filmmakers and writers it has produced. Mira Nair’s 2006 drama The Namesake was shot in the city as was Happy, a 2011 feature documentary film by Roko Belic on the subject of human happiness.

The City of Joy as Kolkata is popularly called is also home to some iconic monuments and architectural marvels unseen in any other part of the world. One such piece of architecture is the Marble Palace built in the 1840 or the Victoria Memorial that commemorated the diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria. But who can miss the Howrah Bridge that runs 705 metres long and has eight lanes of traffic? The Bay Bridge in San Frisco is a close twin to this historical landmark. And, if you are looking for natural elements, there are the Sundarbans and the Hooghly River waiting to answer peoples’ questions.


  1. Bihar

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The state of Bihar was considered a centre of learning and culture in ancient India. In recent years, the state government has brought in many schemes to develop the state and create a flourishing space for filming.

The Nalanda University, once a centre of great learning, was visited by students from as far as Turkey and Greece. The library was believed to be unmatched and contained books and documents on subjects as diverse as metaphysics, logic, and grammar.

Another beautiful location that stands out is the Mahabodhi Temple which has an immaculate architecture. The temple has classics motifs and is among the oldest brick temples in the country. Intricate designs from the life of the Buddha are carved and there is a statue of the Buddha himself inside a glass casing.


  1. Chhattisgarh

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The state of Chhattisgarh is endowed with a rich cultural heritage. Its natural diversity, waterfalls, Buddhist sites, palaces, and rock paintings have been inviting visitors from around the world. The place is also known for its rich forest cover with up to 41.33% of the area under forests.


  1. Assam

Fixer and Line Producer in assam guwahati India filming indo

The state of Assam is known for its silk and tea. But its wildlife, natural beauty, and culture are other elements that attract local and international visitors. The place is ideal as a location for filming in India because it is a tourism hotspot.

Places of importance in Assam include the river-island Majuli, Guwahati which includes the Kamakhya Temple and the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, the Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Dibrugarh, the tea capital of the world.


  1. Sikkim

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The Gurudongmar Lake in Sikkim can be easily mistaken for Iceland’s Jökulsárlón Lake. It is located at an altitude of 17,800 ft and is known for its beauty and sanctity. But, Sikkim has more to offer the film industry.

The state also has a UNESCO World Heritage site in its Khanchendzonga National Park where breath-taking glacial views, rich and diverse flora and fauna are found together.

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