Filming Indo – Production Fixer Company based in Delhi bullish on Business after new Indian Filming Incentives

Filming Indo – Production Fixer Company based in Delhi bullish on Business after new Indian Filming Incentives

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New Delhi & Varanasi- based production service company FILMING INDO is looking forward to a further surge in business in the wake of new Indian filming incentives that were announced in Cannes.


International productions filming in India can be reimbursed up to 35% of qualifying production spend in the country.


FILMING INDO, which specializes in Overseas films shooting in India, has been operational since 2018 and films they have provided production services for include “The Liberation,” “IND on the RUN” and “TWO WORDS AS THE KEY.”


The initial reimbursement for international shoots in India is 30%, which can go up by an additional 5% for productions employing 15% or more manpower in India.


“The incentives will be a great advantage for foreign producers who decide to come and shoot in India also, because there is this bonus of 5%, they may want to employ more Indian technicians, because, from our experience, we have amazing technicians in India. It will be an additional incentive to probably replace a couple of foreigners by Indians,” the Director, Journalist and Fixer Mr R Singh says.


Mr Singh says that productions may decide to advance their shooting schedules in India because of the incentive. “If they know that they will get a refund of 30% they may decide to shoot and not wait for the final funding. So, definitely it will bring more projects to us for sure,” Mr Singh says.


India-bound projects that are stuck because of gap funding up to 30% will also be accelerated, says Mr Singh. “We get a lot of inquiries about gap funding and those projects are going to come alive now,” Mr Singh says. We are going to go back to them, talk to them, and tell them about the incentives.”


FILMING INDO has few more projects from US, UK and Europe lined up to shoot in India on which details are under wraps at the moment and discussions are also on with films from other parts of the world.




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