How can Hot Air balloons be utilized for film & TV shooting in India?

How can Hot Air balloons be utilized for film & TV shooting in India?

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Hot air balloons are one of the most sought out attraction on tourist place. One  can have bird’s eye view through this with the lack of movement and just surreal feeling of being in the sky. One can not feel any wind except for when the balloon climbs up and down and due to the air currents from different directions. These air balloons rides are available at various tourist places. Hot Air Ballooning in India is the most suitable platform for aerial photography and in the recent past the Indian film industry has been rapidly adopting Hot Air balloons for Film & TV Production. 

Background Hot air balloons

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On 19 October, 1783, the first tethered balloon flight went on board in Paris, France with the scientist Jean- François Pilâtre de Rozier and the manufacture managers, Jean-Baptiste Réveillon and Giroud de Villette. The first balloon was built by the brothers Joseph-Micheland Jacques-Etienne Montgolfier to generate buoyancy. Then on 21 November, 1783, the first flight with passengers was done. 


In 1960, Ed Yost launched a balloon with new nylon envelope and propane burner system which was called as modern hot air ballooning. In the beginning, there was no basket and just a seat. But Yost and other enthusiasts developed the balloon which we use today. Hot air ballooning has been recognised as the safest air sport in aviation by Federation Aeronatique Internationale (FAI) as hot air balloon accidents are very rare.


Hot Air Balloons for aerial shooting:

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Aerial photgraphy for Film & TV Production and Documentary have been prominent from ages. People have used various means for them like a helicopter. But hot air balloons have not become much popular in this field. You can get a lot many advantages while shooting in a hot air balloon.

  1. 360 degree view
  2. Wide amplitude in terms of altitude
  3. Remarkable stability
  4. No air movements
  5. Space for equipments
  6. Hard-to-reach terrain

And the list continues.  

Some points to be noted while shooting:

  1. Limited space

In hot air balloons, there is a constraint when it comes to space. When you are deciding on your euipments and cameras, have a talk with the pilot beforehand so you can adjust everything in the balloon accordingly and can have remorseless shoot.

  1. Change in the light conditions

When you are in the balloon, you never know that how the weather changes or how you were expecting a shot and due to excessive or low lighting, you could not get the result. So, carry flash for fill. Use it on gel so as to balance the natural light. You need to be prepared for all the scenarios which might happen during your flight.

  1. Carry extra camera and equipments if possible

If you have enough space in the balloon to bring some extra equipments and a camera, then do carry them. As many a times, you need multiple shots from different directions. So you can be handy with them.

  1. Bring long lenses

As you are at a great height, you need long lens to have perfect shoot so that scene below you doesn’t look too miniscule.

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