Everything about India you must know before coming

Everything about India you must know before coming

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India Information
The information you need to know when traveling or shooting in India has been compiled.

(1) Currency and currency exchange
The currency is Rupee (Rs).
Coins are available in 1/2/5/10 rupees and
banknotes in 5/10/20/50/100/200/500/2000 rupees .

※ The old 500 rupees and 1000 rupees were abolished on November 9, 2016.
As a result, as of April 2017, some exchange offices and ATMs may have a limit on the amount of money. Please contact us if you are concerned about currency exchange etc. when you come to India upon request from us.

(2) Voltage
220-240V, 50Hz, C, D, F, M type outlet plug is the mainstream.
You need a transformer to use Japanese/Korean/Chinese appliances.
(There are places that are rented at luxury hotels etc.) There are many chargers for mobile phones and smartphones that are compatible with 100 to 240v, and in many cases they can be charged only with a conversion adapter.
Check the voltage as it is described on the plug.

(3) Time difference and sunrise sunset time
-Time difference with Korea –
3.5 hours (example: when Korea is noon, 8:30 am in India)

-Sunrise time on
this site You can find information on places and times on this website .

(4) Climate and temperature
Even at the same time, temperatures are different between north and south. Here is the average situation in Delhi:
・ April to June
summer. It is hot in April and hot in May and June.
As there are days when maximum temperature records more than 40 degrees, we are careful about heat stroke.
Sunglasses, hats, pocari sweat powder etc. are useful.

・ The rainy season from June to September . Monsoon comes from the south to the north from June.
There are occasional squalls, so please bring a folding umbrella.
The Ladakh Himalayas will open during this time.

・ October-March
winter season. Because it is relatively easy to spend, the time when there are the most tourists.
December and January are cold and morning and evening are particularly cold.
Depending on the region, Delhi needs sweater + down.

(5) Water
You should not drink tap water or water available at street food shop.
Please buy plastic bottled items at shops in the hotel or in the city. Please make sure that the stopper is not open at the time of purchase.

(6) Floor indication
The first floor of Korea/China is on the 0th floor or the G floor (ground floor), and the second floor is on the first floor.

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