Interview & video recording Permit from Embassy of India

Interview & video recording Permit from Embassy of India

Embassy of India Interview Permit Process

«your overview of the services provided » [program planning]    ↓ [local pre-research]    ↓ [photography license applications create and obtain permission]

⇔ [Korea/China/France/Russia/Italy Embassy of India] ⇔ [India Ministry of Foreign Affairs] ⇔ [India related organizations]

(It takes 7 to 20 days to obtain the permission. Depending on the contents of the project, it may take longer than that. However, we have various government agencies related to India (Embassy of India, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, There are people with ties to the Ministry of Justice, etc.), It is impossible without negotiations such as the shooting permission from the Indian government.)

[Location arrange]
● Arrangement of air ticket, application of excess baggage
● Arrangement of hotel, domestic flight, location car etc. Arrangement of interpreting, local media coordinator etc. Arrangement of photographer, human resources, rental equipment etc. in local
● Indian actor, actress, model • arrange extra application and arrange ● Aerial

[journalist visa application and acquisition of coverage members] ⇔ [embassy]

[Location departure]

[your return / editing and translation work]

[broadcast before pre-check] ⇔ [embassy]

(up to broadcast two weeks ago, submitted a video that was accompanied by a script in English in Embassy of India, you must obtain permission.)

[the broadcast date ]

<< Required Documents >> For the

application for permission to shoot in India, the original documents of the following documents, which have been correctly entered, will be submitted together with 9 copies.
1. A document that describes the purpose and details of the filming to the Indian Embassy in your country, using a letterhead
(It is important to explain the purpose of the program. Write carefully with the writing style and expressions). The following three types of documents prepared using the prescribed form.

i. Application form for photography coverage permission in India
ii. Pledge
iii. Application form for protection monument photography permission form

3 when photographing protected monuments. Request form for special permission for protected area (regulation form) if the filming takes place in a protected or regulated area.
Company profile (in the company’s letterhead)

5. Proxy (if the planning company requests the production company for production)

6. Program outline and script (program title, broadcast date, airtime, media, etc.)

7. History of interviews and filming members (including the following)

i. Name
ii. Date of birth
iii. Nationality
iv. Occupation
v. Organization
vi. Passport details (number, place of issue, date of issue, expiration date)

8. Schedule of shooting and location

9. Equipment list (including equipment value)
(Note: If there is a change in your itinerary or equipment, you must resubmit 9 copies of the manual and the document after the change)

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