Light pollution has become a cause for concern

Light pollution has become a cause for concern

Light pollution has become a cause for concern for birds and environment and human

The invention of artificial light, which started out with the discovery of the electric bulb by Thomas Alva Edison, gave us humans the opportunity to quadruple the day and night. The role and importance of artificial light cannot be denied within the stage of development on which we stand currently. But today more artificial light is being used than required, due to which light pollution is being created. In view of this agenda, being the leading video production company in India, Filming Indo has chosen this subject to highlight the issue. Light pollution has a bad effect not only on the environment but also on humans, animals and trees. Like this, the excess of artificial light found as a boon has started turning it into a curse.


Recently, scientists at Utah State University, US, through a research paper have presented a detailed outline of the risk that humans insistence on turning night time into day, swallowing humans as well as animals and birds and vegetation is engaged. This study published in the journal Nature Ecology and Evolution warns us that today we are trying to fight air pollution, while light pollution is spreading its feet. The disclosure of researchers is worrying that light pollution is increasing rapidly in the world and if it is not controlled, the life cycle of humans, animals and plants can be critically affected in the coming years. According to a data, between 2012 and 2016, the area of artificial lighting at night has increased at an annual rate of 2.2 percent.


Light pollution has become a cause for concern for birds and environment and human 2

We humans are a particularly active species. Our eyes are adapted to function properly in the sunlight during the day. Yes, a few work can also be executed at night time. But like nocturnal beings, we cannot remain fully active in darkness, so we use artificial light at night. There is no harm in the use of artificial light, but the stinging unnecessary light spread over the exterior is definitely light pollution. Many naturalists, environmentalists and research practitioners experience that light pollution is the most dangerous form of environmental pollutants. Light photons generated in urban areas affect everyone unknown.


Despite being under the open sky, due to the excessive amount of artificial light, the sky has become difficult to observe at night. According to researchers, light pollution is having a dangerous effect on the ecosystem, affecting the natural process of sleeping humans and animals. The migration process of other creatures of nature like insects, fishes, bats, birds and other animals is also being affected. According to the Royal Astronomical Society, 70 percent of the world’s population is exposed to light pollution. The situation is worse in developed countries. 98 percent of people in developed countries have access to the paws of light pollution. Cities like Delhi, Mumbai of India have also made light pollution their guest.


The biggest side effect of light pollution is on humans. It is natural to happen because man is the originator of light pollution. The effect on humans is so indirect that most of them do not understand it and keep on treating many diseases. Children are also becoming victims of this.


It is now a well-established fact that our physical activities are conducted in a 24-hour clock, inside the body, in sync with the Earth’s night. This clock is located in the hypothalamus part of the brain. Body temperature, hormone secretion, vigilance and sleep run with this clock. According to the clock on the wall or the hand tied, our body does not move. At night, our body’s actions start slowing down. Sleep hormones begin to be released.


If we do not sleep on time, we start fighting in opposition to ourselves. This upsets the rhythm of the body. Its first side effect is in the form of disturbances of digestion. The likelihood of stomach ulcers increases. Cancer, diabetes, obesity etc. also start looking for opportunity to enter the human body. The body starts feeling tired. Irritability occurs. Relationships at home and outside begin to deteriorate. This causes depression. According to scientists, the production of a hormone called ‘melatonin’ in the human body is possible only when the eyes indicate darkness. Its function is to increase the body’s resistance and reduce cholesterol, which is necessary for a healthy body.

Light pollution has become a cause for concern for birds and environment and human 3

Due to the light at night, many birds are unable to decide whether it is morning or night. Not only this, it also confuses the migratory birds which change the place according to the seasons in the year. Actually, they find the direction by looking at the moon and the stars and while passing through any optical region, their position is not fully realized. We all know that plants make their food through the process of photosynthesis and the darkness of night helps them to form an important compound which we know as ‘phytochrome’. Their qualities and processes are disrupted by the light they are getting all the time.


Right now we are starting to submit our street neighborhood increasingly at night. Highways are being developed in cities where night light is given the most importance. Now leaving this policy, we have to adopt the efficiency-oriented lighting policy. While lighting electricity at night, it should be ensured that the light is confined to the area where it is needed. Light pollution is a new topic right now. Most people are not aware of its fatal effects. Ignorance cannot become a shield of anyone. It would be right that we understand the importance of blackness (darkness) with light!


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