Mahavir Jayanti: Lord Mahavir who taught the world the lesson of ‘live and let live’

Mahavir Jayanti: Lord Mahavir who taught the world the lesson of ‘live and let live’

Mahavir Jayanti Lord Mahavir who taught the world the lesson of live and let live 2

Vardhaman was born about 600 years ago in Kundalpur to Kshatriya dynasty, father Siddartha and mother Trishala. Apart from Mahavir, Vardhman is also called ‘Veer’, ‘Atvira’ and Sanmati. Lord Mahavira showed the whole society the path of truth and non-violence. The community of Jainism celebrates this festival with great fanfare.

That’s why Jitendra

Mahavir Jayanti Lord Mahavir who taught the world the lesson of live and let live

The first thirty years of Lord Mahavira were like ‘Lotus’ in the swamp of royalty and luxury. Twelve years thereafter, he became so absorbed in the worship of Mangal Sadhana and self-awakening in the dense forest that the clothes of his body fell apart.


After twelve years of silent penance of Lord Mahavira, he attained ‘Keval Gyan’. After attaining mere knowledge, for thirty years Mahavira composed four pilgrimage sages – Sadhvi, Shravak and Shravika for public welfare. These Sarvodaya Tirthas did not have boundaries of region, time, time or caste.


Lord Mahavira’s self-religion was the same for every soul of the world. He said that we should have the same behavior and thoughts towards others that we like ourselves. This is his principle of ‘live and let live’. He not only gave the message of liberation to this world, but also showed the simple and true path of liberation. In order to attain spiritual and eternal happiness, we should also state the five basic principles like truth, non-violence, aparigraha, acharya and celibacy.


By putting these principles in his life, Mahavira is called ‘Jin’. From ‘Jin’ only ‘Jain’ has been made, that is, the work, desire, senses, and distinction that has been created is the Jain. Lord Mahavira conquered his senses and was called Jitendra. He considered violence not only to cause pain to the body, but also to hurt someone with mind, speech and deeds is violence from his point of view.

Message of non-violence

Mahavir Swami was a priest of non-violence. He believed that all the living beings (creatures of one, two, three, four and five senses) etc. should not commit violence in this creation. It should not stop them from going their way. One should be respectful to all of them, as well as protect them.

Always speak the truth

Regarding truth, Lord Mahavira says that man should consider truth as a true element. In relation to the truth, Lord Mahavira said that the intelligent man who remains in the command of the truth swims to death.


Lord Mahavira said about the Aprihagra that a person who collects inanimate things or he makes such a collection to others or advises others to do such a collection. Such a person can never get rid of sorrows. For the welfare of the world, Lord Mahavira wanted to give this message to the world through Aparigraha.


Lord Mahavir gives his very invaluable teachings about Brahmacharya that Brahmacharya is the root of perfect penance, rules, knowledge, philosophy, character, restraint and humility. Brahmacharya is the best austerity in penance. Men who do not belong to women, they move towards the path of salvation.

Best sorry

Regarding forgiveness, Lord Mahavira says- ‘I apologize to all living beings. I have friendship towards all the creatures of the world. I do not hate anyone. I have settled in religion with a sincere heart. I apologize to all beings for all crimes. I forgive all the crimes committed by me. The Lord also says, ‘All the sins of the sins that I have resolved in my mind, whatever sin circles have been revealed by the word and all the sinful things that have been done by the body, all my sinful memories have failed. All my sins are false. ‘


Lord Mahavira has described religion as the best Mars. Do not give grief to any living being by mind, deeds and words, and non-violence, moderation and tenacity is the only religion. God says Mahavir, who praises religion, who always has religion in his mind, the deity also salutes him.






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