Nihang Sikhs of India: The Protector of Sikhism till last breath

Nihang Sikhs of India: The Protector of Sikhism till last breath

Nihang Sikhs - The Protector of Sikhism till last breath

What makes them a Nihang Sikhs?

Everyone must be thinking over the concept of Nihang Sikhs and their customs & tradition varying from traditional Sikhs. Nihang Sikhs actually they are recognised for their angry nature. Their persona may be very aggressive. These people carry conventional weapons with them.


Nihang Sikhs - The Protector of Sikhism till last breath 1

The dagger and the spear are the primary weapons. Hence, you could say that the Sikh who always incorporates the traditional weapons with him is knows as Nihang Sikh. Nihang Sikhs can take any step to protect their religion.


The spiritual symbols of Nihang Sikhs are more potent and large than those of common Sikhs. All the rites of life from birth to the end of life, according to Sikhism, discharge them with love.


What is the history of Nihang Sikhs?

Nihang Sikhs - The Protector of Sikhism till last breath 2

Nihang means such Sikhs who are ready at all times for full observance of the orders of the tenth Gurus and are filled with inspiration. During the tenth Gurus, these Sikhs used to be the strong guard of the Guru Sahibans, and the writings composed by the Guru Maharajas still remain the guards of the Guru Granth Sahib.  The protection of the texts and religious writings written by the gurus was on the Nihang Sikhs.


If there has been was any attack on any Sikhism Guru or Sikhism, Nihang Guards go ahead and protect it. These people are completely devoted to Sikhism and are entirely engaged in protecting the religion till the last breath.


Recently, Nihang Sikh attacked the police in Patiala

There was some combat among the policemen and Nihang Sikhs in Patiala town in Punjab State. Angry Nihang Sikhs attacked the police with a sword. An Assistant Sub Inspector of Punjab Police was cut off his hand in this attack.


Few other Police were also injured in this fight. Realizing the seriousness of the case, the Punjab Police has arrested the accused Nihang Sikhs. The accused have been booked for attempt to murder under Section 307 of the IPC.






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