Panipat Woollen Industry, Asia’s blanket business hub in India

Panipat Woollen Industry, Asia’s blanket business hub in India

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Panipat, a city located in the state of Haryana, accounts for around three-fourths of India’s total blankets, and is considered Asia’s blanket business hub. The woollen industry of Panipat started by supplying to the British Army during World War II. The center is now busy engaging innovations to meet growing domestic and global demand. The Department of Commerce & Industry has recognised the Panipat as the Town of Export Excellence. If you want to explore more of the Panipat woollen industry for the purpose of film shooting, documentary, commercial photography, you need to look at best media fixer or line producer or documentary film maker in Haryana, here FILMING INDO which is experienced fixer for international projects can provide support for filming in India.


The cluster’s industrial activities started after the partition of India and Pakistan, when it facilitated the settlement in Panipat for the weaver ‘s community displaced from Pakistan. Additionally, the carpet industry developed in the 1970s and 80s as a result of yarn dyeing of woollens. Several branches started producing blankets by 1990. The blankets industry was growing quite rapidly, and Panipat became popular for the blanket market in due course.


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The main products include materials for floor coverings such as durries, wool carpets, cotton and synthetic carpets, material for home furnishings (bed covers, pillow covers, sheets, etc.), cloth covers etc. Cotton and woolen yarns produced in the Panipat cluster are used by the home furnishing and carpeting industries located in and around Panipat and other cities.


There are around 3,095 Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) engaged in home furnishing in the Panipat textile cluster with over 60 per cent of the industries. Approximately 65 per cent of units fall into the micro category. There are about 200 pieces of textile machinery in the cluster.


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Panipat’s woollen industry celebrates 75 years since its inception. Panipat town has the distinction of having as many shoddy spinning units as possible in one particular location in the world. There are more than 450 shoddy spinning units in the district with an production of 4.50 lakh kilograms per day and a Rs 650 crore turnover, the industry employs 45,000 to 50,000 people in the area.



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Panipat’s woolen industry with a 1.5 crore Rs turnover per day is the largest shoddy yarn producer in the country.


The Panipat textile cluster’s projected annual output is priced at 950 crore. Carpet industries and home furnishing units need raw materials, such as yarn and fabrics, and services such as dying and printing, which are catered for by local units. Home furnishing commodity (62 per cent), such as bed sheet, durree, and blanket (polar, cotton, and woollen), is the main share of production in Panipat’s textile industries.


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Following 11 employer associations work for the welfare of the labourers in Panipat:-

  1. Panipat Blanket Manufacturers Association
  2. Industrial Estate Association
  3. Northern India Rotor Spinners Association
  4. Northern Shoddy Mills Association
  5. Haryana Chamber of Commerce and Industries
  6. The Panipat Exports Association
  7. Industrial Area Manufacturers Association
  8. Industrial Estate Association
  9. All Woollen and Shoddy Mills Association
  10. Panipat Shoddy Mills Association
  11. Panipat Dyers Association


A welfare state’s principal goal is to bring about social transformation by increasing the status and dignity of economically deprived and socially disadvantaged societies. Vocation education institutes offer instruction in autotechnician, lineman, secretary of government, marketing , and sales management courses. The Panipat and Samalkha Industrial Training Institute for Women offers instruction in cutting and weaving, embroidery, and needle work. The educated students from these institutes are made available for absorption in respective trades as skilled / semi-skilled workers in industries.


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Author: Pallavi Bhagat






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