The festival of Aanayoottu in Kerala, India: Feast for the Giants

The festival of Aanayoottu in Kerala, India: Feast for the Giants

The festival of Aanayoottu in Kerala, India- Feast for the Giants 5

Aanayottoo is a grand festival for elephants which is not only a feast for elephants but a feast for human eyes too. Perunal is another such feast festival held in Kerela, India.


The festival of Aanayoottu in Kerala, India- Feast for the Giants 4

The Aanayoottu (taking care of elephants by feeding them) is a celebration held in the regions of the Vadakkunnathan sanctuary in City of Thrissur, in Kerala. The celebration falls on the main day of the long stretch of Karkkidakam (coordinated against the Malayalam schedule), which is done in the period of July. It includes various unadorned elephants being situated in the midst of a large number of individuals for being venerated and taken care of. Groups crowd the sanctuary to feed the elephants.


Each time of Aanayoottu, gaja pooja (elephant worship) also takes place. It is accepted that offering poojas and delectable feed to the elephants is an approach to fulfil Lord Ganesha—the divine force of riches and of the satisfaction of wishes. The Vadakkunnathan sanctuary, which is viewed as one of the most seasoned Shiva sanctuaries in southern India, has facilitated the Aanayottoo occasion for as far back as some years.


The festival of Aanayoottu in Kerala, India- Feast for the Giants 3

The extraordinary feed of the elephants incorporates sugar-stick leaves, coconut, jaggery and the sweet blend of Ganapthi pooja prasadam. The taking care of meeting starts with a contribution by the central cleric of the sanctuary—typically to an elephant calf. The celebration by and by includes sixteen elephants; the number was already higher (around fifty), yet was diminished after under course of the area organization. During the celebration, the elephants are benefited from rice, jaggery, ghee, pineapples, and other nearby produce.

Medical Examination

Elephants were permitted to the ground after assessment by a group of veterinary specialists. Elephants in musth and those with rowdy conduct were not permitted to participate. Just elephants with wellness authentications were took into account for performing the ritual. The elephants were invited with laurels and sandal paste to the scene.

At the festival

The festival of Aanayoottu in Kerala, India- Feast for the Giants 1

The euphoric group shouted with satisfaction when their preferred elephants were arranged for the ritual. Practically all celebrated elephants from over the State were brought for the custom.


The ceremonial was introduced by sanctuary melsanthi Animangalam Raman Namboodiri by taking care of rice ball to the most youthful elephant in the gathering Warriyath Jayaram. Celebrities and the public and VIPs likewise took care of the elephants. Around 500 kg of rice blended in with turmeric powder and jaggery was taken care of to the elephants.


Foods grown from the ground, including pineapple, plantain and cucumber, and extraordinary ayurveda medications for absorption were additionally given to them.


A solid force of police and veterinary specialists were available at the setting. The capacity was guaranteed for ₹1 crore. Annadanam (feast) was served to 5,000 individuals at the Annadana Mandapam appended to the sanctuary.



Author: Simran Grover





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