The Magnificence of Surajkund International Crafts Mela

The Magnificence of Surajkund International Crafts Mela

The magnificence of Surajkund international crafts mela 6



India as a land of fairs and festivals

The country-India is known for its rich culture and heritage. One of the important part of this culture is to host a lot of fairs and exhibitions popularly known as ‘melas’. These melas are organized in almost every part of the country including towns and cities. The magnitude of these fairs vary from place to place. People of all age groups are attracted towards these fairs as they have something to offer for everybody. Among millions of fairs organized in India some have attained a very important place in our hearts. These are Kumbh Mela, Sonepur Cattle Mela, Pushkar Fair, Gangasagar Mela, Surajkund Mela, and many more.

General Information on Surajkund Mela

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Trade fairs are one of their kind as they bring together unity in diversity in India by bringing together all kinds of customers, manufacturers, exporters, suppliers under one roof which results in boosting the economy. One of such fairs is Surajkund Mela.


This fair is held in Surajkund District, Faridabad, Haryana. It is the largest crafts fair in the world and is held during the 1st two weeks of February every year. It experiences a footfall of more than a million people which includes nationals as well as foreign tourists. Around 1010 work huts with 40 acres of land is covered with this mela. Surajkund Mela begins its journey in 1987. The fair is conducted each year by the mutual collaboration of various Ministries i.e Tourism, Culture, Textile, MEA, GoH and Tourism.

Entry Tickets and upcoming date 2020

The price of a ticket to enter the fair stays mostly between Rs.50 and Rs.200 every year. This year the price was Rs.120 for a weekday and Rs.180 for weekends per person. It was held during 1st and 16th February 2020 this year. It was the 34th mela this time with 33 fairs held in the past. Uzbekistan was the international partner during the fair.

Theme and other salient features

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The prime feature of the Surajkund Mela is that one Indian State gets the unique respect of being the Theme State of the year. The idea of the Theme State was carried upon so as to advance and bring under light the craftsmanship, art, culture, and cuisine, handicrafts, handlooms of one state for every year.


Along these lines, the Mela gives the Theme State a rare opportunity to exhibit its handlooms, architecture, performing arts, cuisines, and its tourist potential to a tremendous cross-segment of the population in a noteworthy way. To such an extent that the entire Surajkund Mela 2020 subject, directly from the whole look of the passageway and the grounds, and the entire setting of the furnishings, hues, stylistic layout, colours, decor down to the architecture of the fair depends altogether on that specific state.


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Craftsmen, artisans, social troupes, artists, musicians and master chef specialists from this state and country present their ability and aptitudes and entertain the guests at the premises.


In this way, so as to help protect the grieving expressions and artworks of India, the Surajkund Mela offers its skilled workers and guests the same a lifetime experience to enjoy the greatest market of social trade.




Author: Simran Grover





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