Top 5 Indian Films Co – Produced with International Partners

Top 5 Indian Films Co – Produced with International Partners

Top 5 Indian Films Co - Produced with International Partners



India as a filming hub 

India is probably the world’s most culturally and linguistically diverse nation. Its people speak 22 different languages, besides many dialects. It’s no wonder that India may be a land of the many distinct cinematic traditions. The 2000-odd movies that the country annually produces are made during a number of languages, each with its own distinct literature, history, theatre and music.


Indian films are produced in many areas around the country. Each of these filmmaking cities is that the hub of cinema in one prominent language.

Top 5 Indian Films Co - Produced with International Partners

What is International Co-production?

A co-production may be a venture between two or more different production companies for the aim of manufacturing a feature film, television/web show or series then on. In the case of a world co-production, production companies from different countries (typically two to three) work together for producing content across different media platforms.


Benefits of International Co-production

Co-production leads to an excellent output in terms of a movie as it leads to synergies and a mix of resources and talent of the two nations which differ from each other in their cultures, languages, ideas, traditions, views, opinions, etc. Another benefit is that you enjoy a wider audience as accessibility increases in case of Co-produced movies. Some of the beautiful movies which were co-produced are:


  • The lunch box

Top 5 Indian Films Co - Produced with International Partners - lunch box

This movie released in 2013 was a co-production between India and France also known as an Indo-French production. It was directed by Ritesh Batra. The film was shot as a joint venture taking into account many studios like ROH Films, ASAP Films, DAR motion pictures, UTV Motion Pictures, Dharma Productions, Sikhya Entertainment, NFDC, and also the Cine Mosaic. A budget of 220 million was assigned to this film and it was shot in Mumbai in 2012.


  • Salaam Bombay

Top 5 Indian Films Co - Produced with International Partners- salaam bombay

It was released in 1998 and is an excellent example of another Indo-French co-production. Mira Nair is the director and writer of this movie which is a hindi drama.  The film is based on the day-to-day life of small children living in the slums of Bombay, the dream city. The young cast who appeared in Salaam Bombay! were those slum children. They received dramatic training at a special workshop in Bombay before they appeared within the film. In 1989, director Mira Nair established a corporation called the Salaam Baalak Trust to rehabilitate the youngsters who appeared within the film. Most of them were eventually helped. The Trust remains alive, and now lends support to street children in Bombay, Delhi and Bhubaneshwar. Shafiq Syed, who played the role of Krishna within the movie now earns his living as an auto rickshaw driver in Bangalore.


  • Gandhi

Top 5 Indian Films Co - Produced with International Partners - gandhi

Gandhi is an Indo-UK film released in 1983. It is based on the life of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi also known as Bapu in India. Richard Attenborough directed the film which is a joint production between British and Indian production houses. This was shot in many places in India including Koliwar Bridge in Bihar.




  • Iqbal

Top 5 Indian Films Co - Produced with International Partners - IqbalIt is an Indo-Danish movie released in 2005. Nagesh Kukunoor and is a sports drama genre. Although, it was a Hindi film, it was entirely shot in and around Tenali in Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh. This film is based on the life of a deaf and dumb boy who wants to be a part of the Indian national cricket team.




  • Jaya Ganga

Top 5 Indian Films Co - Produced with International Partners- jaya ganga

It is a hindi drama movie released in 1998. It is again an Indo-French movie directed by Vijay Singh based on his first novel. The shooting of the film has been done on locations including Northern India, taking Gomukh, Gangotri, Rishikesh, Chunar, Benares, Haridwar and also Paris and Limours, France.










Author: Simran Grover





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